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False allegations of domestic abuse

  • SASManJim
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  • Junior Member
10 Jun 21 #516941 by SASManJim
Topic started by SASManJim
I'm sure it's well known now that psychological domestic abuse is considered very much under the umbrella of domestic abuse, and rightly so.

However, and I hate saying that, I'm facing completely unfounded allegations of psychological DA and I'm seriously concerned that they've been given credence. It's very well talking about the burden of proof etc, in practice this isn't the case. And surely there's an enormous gender bias here?

I'm going to say it, I'm a great dad, and I love my kids more than anything in the world. They make me smile constantly and I do everything I can to do the same for them. It seems they are being used as a meal ticket for my ex partner and psychological DA is the mechanism that she's going with.

Since what I thought was a mutual decision to split, there has been nothing but agression and claims of DA from her lawyer. Of course as I'm living in the same house and under advice from my own lawyer, I'm trying to not be in the same space as much as possible. Thing is there is no heated discussions, there is no arguments, there is no violence, there is only apathy (at least from me). And while I recognise that's not the best environment for the children, i do what I can every day to show them love, affection and attention.

Back to my worries: my ex partner has been referred to DA support (she has shouted this fact across the garden at me). However you look at that, it is now a fact that she is receiving that support. But at no point has any of her claims been investigated or verified. They've just taken her word and now it's a fact. I totally get that there needs to be that safe forum and contact etc for any victim of any kind of domestic abuse, but surely there needs to also be verification?

Will a judge look at this and put protection/occupation orders in place (even if only in the interim) while any evidence is looked at? There is of course none, other than a manufactured narrative. And the reason is simple, we're not married, if she gets me out based on some DA claim, then I would be liable to support the children in the home that I'm bit allowed in but paying everything for and then be homeless myself - she would get money. That's it.

I cannot quite believe that someone would not only abuse the resources put in place for real victims of DA and jeopardise a fathers relationship with his children.

What advice on stopping this?? Will I be evicted from my house based on lies?

  • Djsmith
  • Djsmith's Avatar
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
11 Jun 21 #516946 by Djsmith
Reply from Djsmith
Watch your back note everything, snake in the grass comes to mind.
lawyer, will be advising her and will make sure that you become stressed put under pressure.

Yes very much so the courts will side with and evidence not required Just words etc her Lawyer will see to it that she will get a court order against you etc
Seek legal advice immediately as this could become very messy!

  • notgettinganywherefast
  • notgettinganywherefast's Avatar
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
12 Jun 21 #516947 by notgettinganywherefast
Reply from notgettinganywherefast
I agree with djsmith. Get a good solicitor and/or barrister. Having just seen my partner go through as FDA which was totally biased towards the wife, you just can't risk getting a judge who takes your ex's side and doesn't listen to your case. Its your best chance of defending any false allegations I would think.

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