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unreasonable grounds - how long does it take

  • tuvalu
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18 Nov 07 #6917 by tuvalu
Topic started by tuvalu
xtb has stated wants to get out of marriage, cant stand me anymore, more like im not doing as he tells me. He suggested splittting house asset 50/50 split, i agreed but i refused to go straight to estate agent, dangerous before divorce and suggested solicitor to see what the options are. Now refusing to go says will take me to the cleaners, oh and start removing floors with a hammer. Now i have said i wont go, could see this getting worse, will have to leave on my own when xtb out.

long and the short of this is how long does it take for divorce using unreasonable grounds, do both parties have to agree and if contested what evidence is needed. also can you get a divorce just with one partner on unresonable grounds what evidence would be needed and how long would this take


  • Angel557
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  • Platinum Member
18 Nov 07 #6920 by Angel557
Reply from Angel557
I divorced my husband on the grounds of unreasonable bahaviour not sure if mine is a rough time scale of most divorces.I first see a solicitor on the 11th Aug 2005 , petiton was lodged with the court 13th December 2005 my ex was first of all going to x petition me on the grounds of my unreasonable behaviuor , my solicitor said bascially it would mean i would be granted a divorce on the grounds of his unreasonable behaviour and vice versa, until he saw sense and realised his petition would not stand up , he did however sign the petition with a proviso meaning he has signed but does'nt agree with the content of the petition, i did not need any evidence, we were granted the Decree Nisi 2nd March 2006, my solicitor was not going to apply for the absolutue until finances had been sorted but my ex went to court in person before a judge and was granted the absolute 20th October 2006. November 2007 still sorting out the finances.

  • loobyloo
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  • Visitor
18 Nov 07 #6921 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
similar situation as most... i filed for divorce march not contested... nisi req at interim maintainance hearing at req of his barrister in june and thus granted 6 weeks and abs could be applied for , but as also in middle of ancillary relief and got fdr in 5th dec, so my sol advised me to not apply for ab til money sorted... and to date and my knowledge he hasnt applied for it either...maybe thats hs next trick!!!
The financial side seems longer winded than the actual divorce...which shows really money more important than PEOPLE!!!! WHAT...not to me though
all the best looby

  • sexysadie
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18 Nov 07 #6972 by sexysadie
Reply from sexysadie
tuvalu, as you can see it takes a long time.
Given what you say about your husband you might want to leave the house for your own safety. If you don't have children that shouldn't affect your share of the assets.


  • tuvalu
  • tuvalu's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
18 Nov 07 #6977 by tuvalu
Reply from tuvalu
thanks everyone for your replies. As for the safety issue this would not be a problem if i stop crying and moaning all the time. I also have a work issue at the moment caused by overwork and numerous bereavements have happened recently. Seems like im going for all 3 at the same time, bereavemnt, work and divorce, no wonder i am cheesed off. my main aim is to protect my assets for my son now.
can i ask about orders of court,
can a judge without my knowledge freeze, deduct,or transfer funds from my bank account without my knowledge if xtb applies for divorce. can it just be done
same as house transfer i suppose, can this only be done after decree nisi, do i have any rights if this is done without my knowledge
this site is really good, its like a community


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