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The four basic steps to reaching an agreement on divorce finances are: disclosure, getting advice, negotiating and implementing a Consent Order.

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A Consent Order is a legally binding document that finalises a divorcing couple's agreement on property, pensions and other assets.

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How long a contested divorce could take?

  • attilladahun
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04 Dec 07 #8428 by attilladahun
Reply from attilladahun
The 2 day hearing relates to the domestic violence issue -

What about the defended divorce - has the Court consolidated the hearings to hear both issues? I doubt it.

If not progress needs to be made on the divorce front.

What are the £ facts
Length of Co Hab
Length of Marriage
Inc of W
Inc of you
Pension CETV of you
Pension CETV of W

Whilst C is young has yourW ever worked -if so when, where and how many hrs.

V important to get her back to work for min 16 hrs so Tax credits received-

Does she have persons who can help re child care?

Does you solicitor consider the allegation you have made will be proven?

If any doubt you can amend the Petition to include many other allegations.

  • NonMolest
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05 Dec 07 #8466 by NonMolest
Reply from NonMolest

2 days hearing is for NMO, Prohibitive steps order issue and defended divorce. Because all 3 issues have common allegations, court listed actuall fact finding hearing for 2 days.

Length of Marriage = 2.6 yrs
Separated from last 7 months
Inc of W = 280 pm (from child benefit + child tax credit)
My Income = £2400 pm
Pension CETV of myself = don't know
Pension CETV of W = zero

My wife never worked in UK, she used to work before marriage in India
In my statement of arrangements for children I mentioned she can work on weekends and will take care of my daughter, but court just gave me 2 hrs per week contact. Her parents are staying with them in reality but she is saying they live in close vicinity of flat but full time.

I dont know whether the allegation I made can be proved or not, but please please tell me how can I inculde many other allegations. On the divorce front the developments are

1. I filed the divorce petition (5 points only)
2. She replied back my allegations and add 35 allegations for my unreasonable behaviour against me asking for JS
3. I replied back her answers to my allegation and replied her 35 allegations.

Please help me......

  • Specialdad
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05 Dec 07 #8469 by Specialdad
Reply from Specialdad
As the divorce petition is a private matter and no members of the public will know who divorced who. Its best you ignore her allegations and just file the divorce petition as it is and you will have the divorce nisi in a couple of months.

Try to agree the financial arrangements mutually and then keep cool. Its hard but dont let emotions get to you. Then you will be in a win win situation after the Decree Absolute.


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