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back to court after 4 years !

  • twinnytinny
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04 Dec 07 #8448 by twinnytinny
Topic started by twinnytinny
Am totally confused.
Divorced 4.5 years ago and remarried 3 years ago. Step child 13 lives with me.
20 year marriage,4c. 2 live with me (19 , 21) Not contributing to household.
c 17 at school lives with x. Stays 2 nights a week.
Pay 2k pcm to x sm and 200 cm.
X wants more money & taking me to court
Have given x 90% pension and taken 90k of debt
My wife earns less than her maintenance. She works part time
x works part time. mortgage, bills etc 1k pcm
What can i do to keep her from taking any more. Have enormous debts still inc inland revenue, and cant get back on my feet.
I feel i am working for nothing. when does this end?

  • Louise11
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  • Platinum Member
05 Dec 07 #8457 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11

"I feel I am working for nothing. when does this end?"


If I were in your position I would be glad its going back to Court! That way you may just get the amount you are paying her reduced!

You have to really give a bit more information though as to what could be the likely outcome.

At the time of the divorce was everything you are paying ordered by a Judge?
Did you get a Consent Order?

You must be on a very good wage to be paying 2200k a month CM and SM.
SM is supposedly only for a set period of time until the spouse gets on his/her feet, its not always a lifelong thing.
Tell us a bit more about the ruling from your divorce and we can probably give you a better idea of a way forward on this.

Kind regards

  • twinnytinny
  • twinnytinny's Avatar Posted by
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  • Junior Member
05 Dec 07 #8515 by twinnytinny
Reply from twinnytinny
HI Louise
I was ordered by the court to pay the sm & cm with no set time constraints. The x was advised to get employment so i could reduce my payments to her.
She now earns approx £800 pt ,a mth and is in receipt of all benefits.
I am on a good salary and i have become extremely succesful and been promoted since my remarriage.
I feel my success is due mainly to the support i receive from a very loving wife. She runs the house, looks after the of the kids and controls all the finances & has set a new business. The x was a burden & liability & still is.
I have to complete yet another form E for the courts. What business is it of hers what my income & wifes incomes are? It is so wrong.
I have been advised to ask for the case to be held in a local court as her soloicitor is out of town & knows the judges in that area.
I had to borrow money to pay a deposit on my present family home and still have substantial debts from the x. ( she regularly spent 2k a month on clothes ! )
Looking at the xs bank statements she still has xpensive tastes.£350 last month at designer shops & £500 food shopping at M&S. My wife shops at ASDA !
I am being penalised for being successful. I want to fight this but am fearful i may become worse off.
Any advice would be gratefully received
Kind Regards
A very bitter TT

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