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oh what have i done ?

  • Angel557
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13 Dec 07 #9002 by Angel557
Topic started by Angel557
I waited all day today for a call from my sol , i finally got a call not from my sol but her side kick, side kick Annie now she has been going through the Ex's new form E and the questions i have raised she says i can only use 3 of them , i stated what he is claiming to be earning is a lie , she said the wage slips look fine to her , they are printed off a pc i can see that a mile away and he does'nt have to justifiy money for amounts over £3000 leaving his account,Anyway they have 1 amount for his earnings the CSA have another each have different address; for him, he has not diclosed 12 months worth of bank statements and for 1 of his accounts we have a mini statement , to her all above board , i told her i knew he had other bank acounts that don't seem to matter , now i said i think i should do a new form E as my circumstances have changed as i have moved rent is higher as is the cost of living but no i can't she said .My sol told me back in june when i done my form E i did not have to included my son's DLA , side kick Annie says i do even though DLA is not used in any calculation for anything and it's a child's income not mine and i don't see why i should disclose it given he is not telling the truth.Bottom line i have now said as i got really peeved with her why is it you seem to be on his side here and not doing anything for me among other things i did'nt swear i did'nt raise my voice , you are allowing him to get away with fraud and i know this to be 100 percent certain, so what do i do now throw in the towel as i can't keep going on like this and i know that git is lying blimey i was married to it for 11 yrs.or does it look like i need to instruct a new sol as they will refuse to have dealings with me.

  • gone1
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13 Dec 07 #9003 by gone1
Reply from gone1
This side kick is supposed to be on yr side. I would write a snotty letter to the head of the firm explaining things. She is prob a junior and dont know shit from shinola. What a carry on Angel. Chris

  • topaz
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13 Dec 07 #9007 by topaz
Reply from topaz
yes, I agree with previous post, most sols have it written in their info if you are dissatisfied with the handling of your case then you contact the office concerned, usually it's a senior partner in the firm, who usually oversee the work carried out by the junior sols.my letter stated I contacted the senior sol if I was unhappy with the work.

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