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Need a hug and a rant

  • lovey
  • lovey's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
21 Dec 07 #9402 by lovey
Topic started by lovey
this is just a rant , so take no notice , just need to get this off my chest I am so in need of a hug,
The FMH is to be sold as ex wont pay mortgage and doesnt seem to worry about where we will live.expecting council to pick up the pieces
I have hardly slept for the last week and i think that is taking its toll. I feel so foolish and most of all upset, i understand what is happening and realise i should of done something earlier, but i feel such a failure as a mother in that i should of been able to provide for the children and i cant do that, Every where i have turned today I come to a dead end and i try to be honest with these organisations and they just dont seem to want to know. I do hope the house is sold quickly and I make a little profit,settle my debts. I know i will come out of this better and stronger but at the moment i suppose it is one of my off days and boy is it an off day.

however i do have a new job only for a 3 month but itis the first step in the right direction, anyway thanks for listening. hope all is ready for xmas and whatever you are doing make sure you have some time for you. lovey

  • SpookyNash
  • SpookyNash's Avatar
  • New Member
  • New Member
21 Dec 07 #9404 by SpookyNash
Reply from SpookyNash
The fact that you haven’t slept very much in the last week will indeed be taking its toll on you. I survived on very little sleep just prior to leaving my FMH and this was whilst holding down a full time job also. Its only now that I have a place of my own I’m getting a fairly steady seven hours a night that I have noticed the difference. Lack of sleep seems to amplify and make problems seem and feel much worse.

I honestly feel that not being able to provide for your children DOES NOT make you a failure. As a mother, I’m sure that you love your children with all your heart and soul, that is what I feel children need the most. They need to know that they are cared for, but most of all they need to feel loved.

Really pleased you landed a job, ok you say its only for three months however often or not these things have a tendency to turn into something much better. Good luck with this.

Get some sleep.

Best Regards,

  • Shelia
  • Shelia's Avatar
  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
21 Dec 07 #9409 by Shelia
Reply from Shelia
Congratulations on getting the job, it is a step in the right direction and you deserve a big hug for being do successful. I am sure other good things will follow soon. You are a good parent, you are providing for your children by being with them and taking responsibilty.

I started with a temporary job, and now have a permanent one with a different organisation. Being employed seems to make you more employable. So do keep applying for other jobs that are better and/or permanent. A permanent job would give you a steady income which would help with renting. Perhaps you could rent privately?

I know what you mean by 'off day' Yesterday I could not stop crying today I can smile :)

Try and hang on to the fact that one day it will all be settled and you will move one. I have to remind myself of that quite a bit!

Good wishes


  • lovey
  • lovey's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
21 Dec 07 #9411 by lovey
Reply from lovey
Thanks so much, it is so annoying that you no that you are not normally so weak and you kind of live, breathe and eat and worry about seperation, divorce and kids etc. thanks for the kind words

  • Puzzled01
  • Puzzled01's Avatar
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
22 Dec 07 #9426 by Puzzled01
Reply from Puzzled01
Sending you a big hug!!!!

Nothing wrong with crying - I do it all the time.

Best wishes

  • lovey
  • lovey's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
22 Dec 07 #9435 by lovey
Reply from lovey
Dear all, thank you so much for your support, today i feel alot better, christmas takes it toll and cantwait for it to be over but happy for the kids , things dont look so bad today and there is always someone worse a position than yourself, , thank goodness for this website., hope everyone is ok and wishing you a better 2008 than 2007. love lovey

  • loobyloo
  • loobyloo's Avatar
  • Visitor
  • Visitor
23 Dec 07 #9445 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
Big virtual hug lovey
Hey i thought i had the monopoly on crying and whinging
Have a good christmas and stuff the past and all who crossed you:) :kiss:

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