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Things Are Getting Silly!!

  • Gingerkitty
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26 Mar 08 #17711 by Gingerkitty
Topic started by Gingerkitty
Hi Everyone

I am still waiting for my X2B to issue his Petition (UB), he has given his solicitors the wrong date we were married and they have put this in the draft Petition I have seen. Obviously, this needs amending but my X2B doesnt seem to want to get this done. I have asked my solicitor to write to his to point this out and ask that the Petition is re-drafted as there are a few typos in it too. I dont think I am being fussy, if this document is the end of my 25 year marriage, I would rather have it done in a professional manner than "slap-dash".
Anyways, my X2B still not making any effort to move out or sort things out ready to move on, its like he has totally blocked the fact that we are divorcing (via his Petition UB) and acts like we are still a couple. I cant get my head around this, anyone else experienced this? Is it normal?
Both my children are over 18 and living at home, they will continue to live with me. We have family pets which are now getting involved in the situation, I have been banned from buying any treats for them as he states that "they need to get used to not having treats" this has been triggered by the fact that I am rejecting his advances to me (yes, I know, that is strange for a divorcing couple - isnt it?), so he is now taking it out on the family pets.
This situation is now really getting to me and I dont know which way to turn. As his Petition not yet in a correct format to be issued, should I get in and issue myself??
Thanks everyone, any advice welcome.

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26 Mar 08 #17738 by IKNOWNOW
Reply from IKNOWNOW
Hi Gingerkitty,

You say your children are both over 18. What do you plan to do with the house as you obviously need to discuss a financial settlement. As your children are not classed as dependent you would be more than likely looking at a 50/50 split of joint assets eg property and pensions.

There is little you can do to get him to speed up the process of filing the petition. You could of course file a petition yourself but that is up to you. I know what you are saying about the divorce being just so. My husband's cross petition had a few mistakes that really got my goat, like the spellings of our children's names and actually getting our surname wrong. Whether that was solicitor error or down to my x who knows, but he was suppose to read the documents before signing them. These details are obviously not as important to him as they are to me.

There is little you can do to get him out of the house to be honest unless you go down the lines of getting an occupancy order, which you need grounds of abuse for really.

I think you are probably facing a few months of rough times but take comfort in the fact that over time things will get better. Why not come into the chat room and let of steam if you can. Although I guess it must be hard with him still living at home.

Take care and keep on posting.

Regards, Sarah

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