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Why is he saying he wants me back?

  • cindygirl
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20 Apr 08 #20012 by cindygirl
Reply from cindygirl
Thanks to all of you for your advice, you all seem to be saying the same things and its what i needed to hear. I can't honestly see me ever getting back with my ex today, i've had a long think and i will never ever trust him or believe anything he says again. I'm not over him yet, but i'm a lot stronger than i was a couple of weeks ago. I know not to rush into a relationship and i also know men see me as vulnerable and possibly easy, but i haven't let any man physically close since my split. I do feel however that these new friends in my life are keeping my mind occupied and helping me to get strong again, i'm not feeling lonely anymore or weepy cos i know i can just pick up the phone to any of them for a chat. I have found 2 new female friends too that i go out for a drink with, something i could never do when i was married, so life isn't so bad after all! I think deep down i just needed my stbx to realise what he lost & go through the unhappiness that he put me through, in order for me to let go & move on. Not sure if it makes sense to you all but at least i'm not depressed anymore, in fact i weaned myself off my anti-depressants last week & i'm sleeping well again! Hoping all of you are having a good day today, thanks for being here for me x

  • rosiegirl
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20 Apr 08 #20013 by rosiegirl
Reply from rosiegirl
I agree with Mike's post aswell... does sound like a bit of cake...and it syndrome.

My feelings are that without trust and honesty, there can never be a strong long lasting relationship...but that is just me :laugh:

Glad to hear you are sounding better and off the anti-depressants.


  • Molly
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28 Apr 08 #20913 by Molly
Reply from Molly
I shivered when I read your letter. Am going trhough a divorce been seperated a year now and in NO WAY would I get back with my s2bx even though he still keeps asaying He Loves me!!!!

Dont let him have control. You are in control of your own life and seem to be doing a really good job of it.

You are better off without him.

Its your life not his.

  • marriaa
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28 Apr 08 #20915 by marriaa
Reply from marriaa
he does not want this toy and still no one else should have it.He wants to mess up with your mind,if you are on your own there is a better chance that you will have him back if things do not work out for him with new girlfriend.You are creating a new life for yourself so I would not let him ruin it ,keep him at the door.he will never change,it will be only posponing the unevitable

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