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Cant cope with the thought of his new woman!! Help

  • LadyAquarius
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  • Junior Member
01 Jun 08 #24265 by LadyAquarius
Topic started by LadyAquarius
Hi everyone. Found out 4 days ago that my husband was seeing another woman 5 weeks after he left me & my 5 kids & Really finding it IMPOSSSIBLE to stop thinking about him with her in every way!! I just cant cope with the thought he is now blissfully happy living the single life again with someone else & I KNOW HE IS. How do you cope with it?? I know I have my 5 kids to look after but I am struggling to see a future for ma at all!! please help!!

  • mrsnomore
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  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
01 Jun 08 #24272 by mrsnomore
Reply from mrsnomore
Try not to panic and take on too many worries at once.

I really feel for you as I have been there (only with two children though) and the shock and pain you are going through is physically and mentally acute and draining.

You will be ok. Your children will help you survive these horrible early weeks and days, you will have some tough times but also grow from this personally and have a stronger bond with your children.

There are people here who understand totally your grief, ain and hurt and will be able to listen to you, advise you and support you.

I coped because I had to for my children.. I got through the early days somehow, by talking, not talking, crying myself dry, getting angry, sad, the works. I spoke to my family, friends and my doctor.

The only thing I can offer to you at the moment is take one day at a time, and deal with each issue as it comes. Bloggin is therapeutic and can help get everything off your chest, post here or go to chat and explain how you are feeling or what you are struggling with - you will find many friendly people who can share experiences with you and give you support and virtual hugs through this.

Take care of you.

Big hugs

  • Elle
  • Elle's Avatar
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01 Jun 08 #24277 by Elle
Reply from Elle
Take it slow...ur naturally devasted...Mrsno gives sound advise and you are in great pain....give yourself time n tlc
Best wishes

  • Donnylass
  • Donnylass's Avatar
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  • Elite Member
01 Jun 08 #24281 by Donnylass
Reply from Donnylass
My stbx met and moved in with his new woman 2 weeks after leaving me. My kids are older, and they have all told their dad they think he is setting a very bad example to them :laugh:I have to make a concerted effort not to torment myself thinking about them. I don't know how he can step out of a 27yr marriage, straight into a relationship, without even so much as a backward glance. If he stays as screwed up as he is, their relationship is doomed (or so I hope!!) If you haven't gathered I am very upset and bitter about it, and I wish him a slow, painful death :angry:But, I refuse to not believe that I will have a very happy life without him :)
Take care ;)

  • megan
  • megan's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
01 Jun 08 #24286 by megan
Reply from megan
Hi Jackie
I thought I had the perfect marriage 31yrs and he left me for someone else.
As we speak he has just returned from his first holiday with her. But I am 6 months down the line now and it gets easier. I found my imagination was much worse than the reality. It will hurt and the first few weeks are awful but it does get better week by week. Sometimes you have a real downer but then the only way is up.
Love your children and look at what he is missing not what he has got. Most of all stop thinking, if you can, it really doesn't help !!!!!!!!
Donnylass I'm with you all the way! :)
Big hug to you.

  • rose3436
  • rose3436's Avatar
  • Premium Member
  • Premium Member
03 Jun 08 #24589 by rose3436
Reply from rose3436
I know how you feel, mine left me 3 weeks ago for another woman and I'm home alone with the kids. It makes me angry that he's walked away from his responsiblities and is going out having fun while I can't go anywhere without the kids. It feels so unfair and I'm lonely and he's got her!

  • daisygreen
  • daisygreen's Avatar
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  • Elite Member
03 Jun 08 #24593 by daisygreen
Reply from daisygreen
Had a similar experience too, she even helped us move house! perhaps she was casing the joint for her share of the assets....
I was left with my two children, exhausted and having just started a new job.
Nearly two years on he hardly sees them, not seen our eldest for 4 months at his choice, didn't even wish him luck for his gcses.
Whilst he's back to the single life - I'd rather have found out what cruelty he is capable of, and would rather not have had the prospect of growing old with the miserable selfish person he is, she will have the pleasure of wiping his mouth when he starts to dribble in a few years - or perhaps she'll trade him in - I hope so, somehow I don't think he's told her about the vasectomy.. lol

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