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Is it me?

  • mightyredmen
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05 Sep 11 #286406 by mightyredmen
Topic started by mightyredmen
I am beginning to ask this question of myself ..is it me?

I have had a pretty eventful last 4 weeks weeks as was going to update my blog but thought I would run this past you all.

3 weeks ago I moved into a smaller place. A 2 bed rental which will save me much needed cash. A pretty stressful time as it was my 6th move in two years !
On that weekend I received a text from my stbx stating that she would pick kids up from mine from now on as she has 'company' in the afternoons. Of course thought raced through my mind and put me on a downer. Why couldnt she just say Ill get the kids from you this week?
On the Tuesday she phoned me to ask if she could have my old freezer and fridge from my old rental house. I agreed and she stated that she had a 'friend' with a van to help her and did I want to meet her round there. Of course I declined as no way did I want to meet what I guessed to be her boyfriend. I decided to get out of the way and take the kids to the cinema. I also took one of the kids mates as well. Driving back the girls friend told me that she often sees that 'white van around my old house'. My youngest then pipes up and says she has seen mummy kissing 'Mark'. I ask her how and she tells me on mummys phone. Again all this info made me feel rotten. I now find myself looking for the van as I drive past. I even questioned the wisdom in my move to be near my kids because of this.
I then had my girls for two weeks during the holiday and took my mind off it all by taking them away camping.
Whilst away my Nisi was granted.
On return my wife visits my new house to see the children. Uninvited she sits herself down on my couch and is really pleasant asking me where I got pictures etc. I took it that she was happy as the nisi had been granted but who knows!. She evn tells me where her spare key is if I needed to get into the FMH.
I had the girls for the next week and one day my daughter asks if she could get her ears pierced. I agree and take her that afternoon. Whilst sitting with the kids at home that evening my ex knocks on my door. Of course the kids run and say 'its mummy!' She looks all dressed up to go out. My youngest asks ' where you going mummy?' she replies that she is going out for a meal with M..k and come and say hello. He is sitting outside my house down the road waiting!
Why did she feel the need to come round?. Either she is incredibly insensitive or is still trying to rub my nose in it!. It's been over a year and still getting this ***** to make me feel low.
This evening I opened my email to receive the following email:

Also as you are well aware now i have a boyfriend called M..k and i would like
you to not ask the children anything about M..k. If you would like to know anything
then i would like you to ask me, not the children. We both want the children to be
bought in a happy environment with no extra worries. When the time comes that
M..k is more involved with the children you are very welcome to meet him, but up
til that time i would appreciate that you respect my wishes and do not say anything
negative to the children. The same as if one day you get a girlfriend i would totally
respect her and not say anything negative about that person or yourself

What you reckon ?. Is it me? Am I going mental? Is that all normal?
Why does she do it? or am I trying to read too much into this stuff? mind games? or is it me?

  • sillywoman
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05 Sep 11 #286408 by sillywoman
Reply from sillywoman
She appears to me to be a real nasty piece of work and definitely rubbing your nose in it. She had no right whatsoever in calling round in your time with your kids for the kids to run out and say hi to "Mark".

Dont respond to the email, just go and get yourself a gorgeous 22 year old buxom blonde and rub her in your exes face and she how she likes it!!!

  • stepper
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05 Sep 11 #286412 by stepper
Reply from stepper
You are not the only one with an unpleasant ex. popoliv. My son's ex. also moved her boyfriend into the marital home within a week or so of my son being edged out. The youngest child witnessed them in bed

It was her third attempt at adultery until she found her new partner, or the children's 'stepfather' as she likes to him to be called.

When she calls to pick up the chidren at my house, he is always with her in the passenger seat. The last time he called he hugged the children right in front of my son. Steam was coming out of my son's ears but he just asked the boys to get in his car and drove off.

In the end you just have to grin and bear it for the sake of the children.

  • startagain
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05 Sep 11 #286420 by startagain
Reply from startagain
"She appears to me to be a real nasty piece of work"

She make my ex sound like Snow White!

Like with stepper son my ex moved the guy she had the affair with with and week after I had to leave and yes it was my then 6 your old who told me they slept together this was when they were only friend and yet to go on a date!

No you are not going mental yes she is rubbing your nose in it and yes she wants you to feel bad. Yeah like what was that email about?

I would not let her in the house and ask her to respect your privacy and only call round it she is collecting/dropping the girls.

This is painful not only in your ex have a new bloke but this new bloke getting involved in your kids lives playing happy under your nose and family you have be excluded from, you in many ways you do need to suck it up. But facing the pain eases the pain in the long run.

To be honest I think her behaviour is sad and immature maybe you should be flattered that she its trying to make you jealous. Don't raise to the bait be indifferent. Or tell how happy you are she is moving on as you had been worried about her.

The up side for in her bloke moving in with my ex was that he funded my buy out of the house, every cloud has a silver lining as they say!

I play it safe myself I never get any of my old buxom blondes to meet my kids so news never gets back to my ex!!!

  • hawaythelads
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05 Sep 11 #286427 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
Just remember your ex misus is without doubt a xxxx now this word starts with a c ends in t has a vowel and a consonant in between.Christ I feel like Carol Vorderman.However this post wont last long as I always get done when I use this adjective Thats a describing word for peoples behaviour thatso can become a noun when their behaviour defines them.

All the best
HRH xx

  • sillywoman
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05 Sep 11 #286428 by sillywoman
Reply from sillywoman
What is wrong with these women that they have to move in men within what seems like a matter of days after kicking hubby out.

If I was a man and being chucked out, I wouldnt go until divorce was finalised.

Dreadful, women with few or no morals. What are they telling the kids - its okay to chuck your dad out of his bed and move another one in???

Disgusting behaviour from a mother.

  • jjones123
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05 Sep 11 #286434 by jjones123
Reply from jjones123
No, it's not normal stuff. That last sentence screamed the word MANIPULATOR with a megaphone turned up to the max. Plus, it's ALL about her and what SHE wants. Even though she may want it to be that way, life isn't like that.

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