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I've Come to the End of the Road

  • JustH
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20 Jul 08 #34086 by JustH
Topic started by JustH
Could anyone please help- I'm at my wits end

X2b left 13 months ago after 22 year marriage. I am in the FMH with both kids, 20 and 14. He's a high earner and I stayed home as the homemaker.

He pays the bills and gives me 100 cash each week, I also get child tax credits and income support for my half of interest on the mortgage.

Problem is all the bullying that is going on. My 2 kids make my life hell, disrespect, swearing, calling me names, I just can't take anymore. Had to get police on Friday as DD disappeared- and they all think it's funny.

X2b condones this and always has done, and I have been strong enough to put up and fight it- until now

I want to pack my car up and leave tomorrow, and never come back

That's what hes wanted all along, but there's only a certain amount any Mother can take. I can't fight to keep this home and family anymore, though I have tried. The disparity between us and respective bank accounts and earning capacities, and the control I have suffered would probably mean I am in a strong position settlement wise- but it's no good if my sanity has gone- and it's pretty close I'm being treated for anxiety and depression which has been ongoing long term

  • jenny123
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20 Jul 08 #34094 by jenny123
Reply from jenny123
Hi Megg
Sorry to hear you're having a bad time with the children. Children react in different ways, I'm very fortunate my 3 children aged 11,16 and 18 have been as good as gold (so far), although putting up with their mood swings can be hard work at times!
Your 20 yr old is old enough to be sat down and told things as they are, I'd try to tell him/her exactly how you are feeling and tell him/her you really need their support and would hope they are mature enough to give it.
I know it's easier said than done but maybe some straight talking possibly by you and your ex together might ease the situation a little.
Good Luck

  • Marshy_
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24 Jul 08 #34943 by Marshy_
Reply from Marshy_
Hi Megg. You have to be strong. This is probably the hardest thing you will ever do and you are being tested right now. You feel at your wits end and something comes along to give you a boost so that you can trudge on a little while longer. I know I have been where U are right now. Just tough it out girl and have the knowledge that it will end soon.

Head up, shoulders back and chest out today and everyday. Be strong you can do this. You are not alone. We are all walking with you. C

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