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Whats the point?

  • Carole_previousMARGARET1
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08 Aug 12 #348187 by Carole_previousMARGARET1
Topic started by Carole_previousMARGARET1
Separated in march after almost 20 years a lot of it unhappy and have a 19 year old son who lives with me.
My life is just as bad as I could have imagined in my worst nightmares. I have no family (other than a brother who doesnt even care enough to text me to ask if I''m ok once sine told him I''m separated) no friends, no money, awful job thats ground me into the ground , just a useless old ugly fat person that has failed in life and is a joke. Most days I dont just wish i was dead I wish I had never been born.
My health is now suffereing from over work and stress and I will have to face selling my home and moving to some crappy old rented house. Dont think I can do any of it anymore and wish I could go to sleep and never wake up.

  • minxy1912
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08 Aug 12 #348190 by minxy1912
Reply from minxy1912
i think we have all been there and felt the way you do rite now,but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You got your son. Now its you time, no one to answer to,no one to explain to,get your glad rags on and do somthing that interests YOU, join a club and meet other people who share the same interest.
If you want to chat in private, feel free to inbox me hun.x

  • Canuck425
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08 Aug 12 #348298 by Canuck425
Reply from Canuck425
You''re five months into this journey so you''re getting used to the fact that life is changing for you. I don''t know if you''re just having a bad day or if these thoughts are persistent for you. If you''re always feeling down and like life would be better if you were dead then get to a counselor. You need professional help and there is no reason to ALWAYS feel like this.

If this is just how you feel now then that''s ok. You''ll come out of it and start to build your life. Just like the rest of us!

just a useless old ugly fat person that has failed in life and is a joke.

I don''t buy this. Not at all. I get that this is how you see yourself and because of that you think that is how others see you but I still don''t buy it. How does it feel inside if you put your shoulders back, lift your head up and smile? Just fake it for 2 seconds. I find that the more I do this the better I feel.

You have value, of this I have no doubt. You get to decide just how long you want to feel like this. It''s up to you. You can feel worthless for another week or month or year. Eventually, I hope, you will stand up and dust yourself off. Then get ready to have more fun in your life and build an awesome existence.

You can come through this emotionally stronger. I know that is my commitment to myself. It''s hard but I am working on it!

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