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Apology to Soul Ruler

  • MrsSadness
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17 Aug 12 #350036 by MrsSadness
Topic started by MrsSadness
Dear SR - I may as well do it now, as opposed to trying to eat, trying to go to bed, try to sleep..... I guess you all know on here how it is. Still up, so may as well send you personal apology that I what is the term? So tired, I fotget... something to do with planes, that''s it, highjacked your thread. This is the second time I did this to you which mortifies me more so, and as soon as I get that D8 in, I will have the time then to try to learn how to navigate myself around this site in the correct manner...

The ironic thing is, SR, is that only wrote back concerned about a tech issue re another poster, as you may have already seen or will see. But then I got a voice and it all poured out. However I was in - sorry, POSTED, in the wrong forum thing....

It was cathartic though my rant - I so needed that cry - merci buckets.

I would also like to thank you for showing me from reading your posts, that whilst you are - in my opinion anyway - a strong woman with all this self-acquired knowledge of Matrimonial Law - I am in comparison a baby taking baby steps just over the completion of her D8!!!!!!!!!!!! No comparison really! Bot as to what you hve achieved so far..... All I can say is that if I acquire a tenth of the strength, tenacity and your legal knowledge, well, I''d be doing ok/ Right now, a pathetic mess of a middle-aged woman and just great,menopause started. And only got that test done as a result he had infected me with something due to his infedilities over the years.

But this post is about you and not me, and just wanted to apologise for posting on wrong thread thingy and it was the second time I think.. so tired and so hugry (XXX local Indian takeaway shut... and good job I am awake enough to have corrected last typo.... when I used i not u... joke...

Probably not making much sense right now. I am just so punch-drunk with what I think is tiredness and hunger. ( new people, so important not to let physical health go in midst of a depression)

But anyway,SR,here is my public apology ( and new people, thinking of joining, do it - this is a great site! I hung about for ages just viewing, but I got the nerve to join eventually)

But this post is about a personal apology from me to a well-respected poster on here.. so,go and post on correct forum/thread or start your own!

OOps, SR, penny has just dropped... how thick am I!!!!!!!!!!! I SEE now what it is like to have what is personal thread taken over by other peeps...... as i did to you earlier this morning....

In my defence ( I even talk like them now!) all I went back on for was to try to get Down in Hole some help. But then my pain poured out......

SR, see it now. Sorry! I will make sure I write in the new A4 pad I just got to do this divorce with, and am wttng in it as I speak ''Remember to start own thread and not to highjack others.''

I dread to think how many A4 pads you got through.... what with your complicated
journey! And HOW did you manage to do all that??? Awesome!

Total respect!

A falling asleep baby wiki finally nodding off and ( ho ho) shiXXng herself! Diaper full already at just the thought of a FA!

Is such language allowed on here? Just a joke.

Bye for now, Mrs S and big hug

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