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Bad day or what?

  • Stingrayj
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  • Platinum Member
27 Aug 12 #352243 by Stingrayj
Topic started by Stingrayj
I really hate these days of hiding away from people who you know want to talk to you....and this is one of those hide away days.
After the ''euphoria'' of walking out of court with two houses..then opening your email to find that one is in real danger of being auctioned off to pay town hall debt...kind of brings you crashing down again.
Finances aside, tomorrow is my lovely Mother-in-law funeral...of which I am party to. The lady who was a huge part of my life for 23 years but sadly blood is thicker than water so I didn''t have any of it for last year, neither did her Grand-daughters.
So tomorrow, my two youngest daughters will go to her funeral and have to face up to the loss of their Grandma but also seeing their father and his third world illegal bride...the father who has cut them out of his life. I want to be with them but for respect of the rest of the family I know I couldn''t go. My eldest daughter refuses to go becasue she doesn''t want to see her father.
I hate this man for being so selfish...he wouldn''t even tell our daughters that their Grandma had died, it was left to his sister.
I hate that man so much...sorry I needed to get this off my chest.
RIP Mum I was missing you already

  • pixy
  • pixy's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
27 Aug 12 #352245 by pixy
Reply from pixy
Wish I could think of something comforting and wise to say, but I''m not that articulate, so here''s an extra big virtual hug instead. (((((()))))

  • Stingrayj
  • Stingrayj's Avatar Posted by
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
28 Aug 12 #352246 by Stingrayj
Reply from Stingrayj
Virtual hugs go a lot further than anyone could ever imagine Pixy...thanks xxxxxx

  • Mitchum
  • Mitchum's Avatar
  • Moderator
  • Moderator
28 Aug 12 #352254 by Mitchum
Reply from Mitchum
((((Sting)))) I know no words which can make it better so more hugs. Another blow to deal with and how brave of your daughters to go and face that. You must be so proud of them.

Quietly mourn her death by remembering the times when you were close. Yes, blood is thicker than water so don''t blame her, just remember her as she was before all this happened.

Thinking of you. xx

  • Canuck425
  • Canuck425's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
28 Aug 12 #352258 by Canuck425
Reply from Canuck425
I just don''t understand how some people let a divorce affect the relationship they have with their kids. Usually it''s men and I just don''t get it.

I hope for the best for your kids and I really hope their dad steps up some day and starts being a father to these children!

  • revenge
  • revenge's Avatar
  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
28 Aug 12 #352264 by revenge
Reply from revenge
My MIL died 10 months after my husband left me, I didn''t want to see him but then I thought why shouldn''t I go to the funeral, she was my MIL for 22 years. I didn''t know if the ow would be there luckily she wasn''t. There was a spare seat on the front row next to my husband so I very bravely went and sat next to him, he just asked if I was ok, I said no. It was very painful for me and my family, but I knew it was more difficult for him. I didn''t go to the wake afterwards as I knew it would be to upsetting. If you feel that you want to go sit a few rows from the back then when you are leaving you will be able to leave without having to speak to the funeral party, as they will be speaking to other people first. Chin up keep calm, do what is best for you. It is very very hard, you will get there.

  • homegal
  • homegal's Avatar
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
06 Sep 12 #354274 by homegal
Reply from homegal
Hey Stingray..really get how you feel, having that hiding day today. Different circumstances but same feeling.... Just got my girl into High Skl after ex blocked it, 8k in debt later & everyone congratulating me, I just wanna hide - I am exhausted & tearful. After 5 years, things still seem to crop up & this skl change certainly did take me by surprise. One bit of advice, watch "Real" Wives of New York, despite "all" they have, riches, beauty.... boy oh boy I am glad for what little I have got. Wouldn''t mind a cluddle and someone to love/love me as exhausting times means I haven''t been in the zone but here''s hoping.

oh, another good one to watch is Judge Judy, to see people bickering about small things, it makes you realise that to just move on and be bigger than the bickering/arguing is best.

All the best of luck to you, lets count our blessings x

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