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confused and helpless

  • ssoria
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25 Jul 08 #35286 by ssoria
Topic started by ssoria
I am very confused about my sutuation. I have written emails to my solicitor that my situation is serious. I had to call police because my husband was taking my child away without my permission. When Police came they let him take my child because my son also wanted to go. My husband has brain washed my kids against me.I have looked after them while he was in prison for three n half yrs.My solicitor is busy and said she will take my case on board in a couple of weeks, by then my kids will be totally gone.
I think my husband will use my kids against me, because he will say the kid wanted to go n mum wouldnt let him.I dont want to loose my kids. My hsband doesnt even know who thier friends are or, thier teachers, or anything else.
He also keeps threatening me that I have to pay mortgage of £1500 monthly I am a housewife for 17 years. How can I get my solicitor to help me faster.

  • joy
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25 Jul 08 #35289 by joy
Reply from joy
Hi there

So sorry, i know times getting on but, try phoning the number at the top for a 30min call, this doesnt seem right to me, you must be frantic with worry and to get no help from sol seems awful. Hopefully someone will advise you soon, i have not had to deal with this as mine are grown up.

Joy xx

  • pompom
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26 Jul 08 #35418 by pompom
Reply from pompom
This is a very difficult to deal with, i'm so sorry that you are going through this.

You say that you'r husband was in prison, was it for a violent crime? if it was this may help you a lot, as in most cases the law states that a person with a violent histor is unsuitable to have care over children..

a friend of mine has just been to court to fight a simmilar case as she did not beliefe her husband to be suitable to have their child for any prolonged time periods, he has access but only for a few houers every other saturday, maybe this is something for you to consider.

as for you're solicitor, you need to keep on at her and explain that two weeks is unacceptable, surely she has delt with something similar before.

wishing you luck
love xx

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