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can I go on?

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29 Sep 12 #358439 by honeybeeee
Topic started by honeybeeee
Many thanks to all of you who replied to my ranting.

I''ve been sitting here for ages typing,then think"oh my God.you can''t say that"

So I delete it & start again & again....

He came home from work,got changed & went to see his Sol.with the draft of the Financial Agreement.No I''ve not signed any thing yet!!!!
He came back looking so sad & drained... BUT at least he was civil to me...

His Sol. ( a female incidently)told him, that the Financial Agreement sounded fine,especially as I would be finding F/T work ASAP.

She also told him that she wished all her clients came so well prepared with all the neccesray(know I''ve spelt it wrong)paper work AND more....

I did not have energy or inclination to make any thing to eat for either of us.
It was nearly 8 o''clock when I thought I''d better see if he wants any thing to eat.
Hoping he would say that we will just have fish & chips..BUT he said no he was not hungry.
I was not hungry either so that was fine, coz I still can''t even look at food let alone swallow any without feeling nauseous..(Don''t I sound like a right old fuddy duddy?)

He''s back with the SILENT TREATMENT coz he knows it drives me & upsets me.

Then an hour later he goes & makes himself some thing to eat, with out even asking if I would like some...

I stayed put,determined to stay calm & let him see that he was not going to provoke me.HOW ever,once he''d gone into other room to eat,I sat silently fuming at him & really angry...I could not control myself any longer,& went in to him to"Thank him v. much for his offer to make me something to eat but I was not hungry any way."

Sarcy comment I know but....

He went mad.. nearly threw his meal on to the floor.

I know I''m ranting yet again, & for that I''m really sorry,BUT I need to get things off my chest...

Both sets of Parents live miles away.

I only know his Family up there,so I could not escape from him...

I really can''t wait for tomrrow....
Just for the peace & quite!!!!

He did tell me that if I wanted to go to the funeral his Family would be happy to see me. We would be staying in his Mum''s house!!!!!

My God the thought of the 8hr drive in his company would be sheer Hell...

Well, better sign off here.
No doubt I''ll be back on tomorrow,depending on what he''s like before he leaves......

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29 Sep 12 #358444 by tinkerbell1606
Reply from tinkerbell1606
One of the questions asked at mediation when we still lived under the same roof was,
Who does all the cooking, washing, shopping etc?
When I replied that I did the mediator said that we would not be considered separated if I was still doing these things for him!
I can''t help but wonder if that''s why he didn''t either want something to eat when you offered or make you something when he fed himself!
My stbx and I lived under the same roof for months at the beginning and it was sheer torture, either silence or shouting. I spent those months sleeping in my sons old room with my laptop, and generally went to bed at the same time as my daughter,8.30!
I hope you do manage to get some peace whilst he''s away, do try to eat too, it doesn''t help the thinking process being hungry!
I would stress that you need to take legal advice of your own, his lawyer is working for him,and will therefore be safeguarding his interests, not yours!
Wiki also has a helpline number, why not give that a try?
Keep posting, don''t bottle it up, a lot of us have been where you are now and although it takes time, there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Take care of yourself

Tink x

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