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Am I crazy or will hypnotherapy work

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02 Aug 08 #37043 by horseycatty
Reply from horseycatty
Had lots of hypnotherapy myself, but strangely enough, not since starting on the divorce road. Just one session recently.
It always helps me, even if, as others have said, it just gives you a break and some proper relaxation.
I think it is more than that, though. I have been helped very much by the release of emotions and the re-living of issues in a 'past-life' way.
I think it works for me in this way: imagine you have a pattern of behaviour and thoughts in your life which isn't helping you for some reason. Your unconscious mind summarises these, presents you with a picture of this in a 'life' so you can review the behaviour, release the emotion and put it in the past - hence 'past life' issues.
An example is, in my last session I was shown a kind of 'video' in my head of a group of people in a snowy land, battling through a blizzard in a close line, to get back home and safely away from the weather. I lost concentration and moved away from the line, losing myself immediately in the blizzard, unable to see my friends and family, I panicked. The feelings of being lost and alone in an unsafe place are familiar to all of us I expect. I believed I would die alone in that place, as no-one would want to risk the lives of all the tribe by leaving the line and looking for me in such weather.
But then, a member of my 'tribe' returned to find me with another to help and keep track of where we were. One big strong man lifted me up and carried me back to the line so we could all get home safely together.

My issue was: You are stuck in the feeling that there is no-one to rescue you. Now, remember that people did come back. They did rescue you. You survived and you will again. You are not alone. Do not live as if you were not rescued. There is no need for this thought any longer.

It's a lot easier when that kind of work is done with a good hypnotherapist.

It may be different for everyone who has hypnotherapy, someone else's experience may bear no resemblance to mine, bit it really is worth a try if you can afford it.

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