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i am finishing my journey

  • mike62
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06 Aug 08 #37875 by mike62
Reply from mike62
To lose a child is every parent's worst nightmare. To know that you are going to lose your other child must be the worst kind of torture.

Nobody could have been a better mum to your sons than you. But you know that, as does your youngest. And I am sure that your eldest knew that too. To add marital breakdown into the situation takes you off the emotional scale. I am not at all surprised that you are having great difficulty with it all.

Your husband's dismissive 'Get over it' attitude must be horrific and so hurtful. Where is he when you needed him?

Perhaps this is his coping mechanism - to run away and thrust his head in the sand. But you are left to pick up the pieces and deal with another trauma at some unknown point in the future.

You must be a very strong lady. Many others would have fallen apart completely some time ago. When the chips are down, you turn to your family and loved ones for help and support. But that support and help were not there for you.

I hope that you will find some comfort here at Wikivorce.

I can understand that today you live for the moment. You have no certainty in life to pin your hopes on at this time. But that can change. Read some of the stories here. People who have clambered out of horrific situations to move on in life and find happiness. It is a long road, and undoubtedly one with a lot of twists and turns. But you never know what is around the next corner.

Stick with us, tell us some more about yourself and your sons. Perhaps post up a picture of your sons in the gallery. Just maybe someone can help you to make sense of it all. It's amazing what experiences people here have endured and come back from.

To my mind you are not finishing your journey, you are closing a chapter. A new chapter awaits you. Let us help to turn the page for you.

Be kind to yourself, you deserve it. Take care


  • buxtonman
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06 Aug 08 #37887 by buxtonman
Reply from buxtonman

Your situation makes my own look very much less important though my suffering felt (and sometimes still feels) like the worst thing in the world.

You are having to cope with so much more and you need people around to support you badly. We can provide a fair amount of support on here for you and you should come here often. If you would like to send me a private message, I will also give you an email address if you would like to write to me. I have no idea if that is a help or not but I am anxious to do something for you. On the other hand, you are probably best on here as there is an army of supporters here and I am only one of them.

I don't know where you live but I live in the North West. It would be good for you to find someone in your area that you can count on when you feel you are really at rock bottom.

I am thinking of you (really! These are not just virtual words. We are real people) and I know that you will one day find the happiness you deserve. Just stay with us and take each day as it comes.


  • JJ50
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  • Senior Member
06 Aug 08 #37889 by JJ50
Reply from JJ50
Dear Ruby66

I cannot pretend to imagine what you must be going through right now the pain and suffering must be so immense, but i can wholeheartedly agree with everyone else that you have found the right place here on wiki.

No mother should suffer what you are and maybe it would help to write a blog to write it all down.

Love and Hugs xxxxxx


  • Sun 13
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06 Aug 08 #37891 by Sun 13
Reply from Sun 13
Ruby, your story is too sad for words, you are going through more thatn anyone ever should. But as others have said you have come to a place where you can talk abouit things and receive a great deal of support.

I understand that things seem bleak for you now, but you are obviously made of strong stuff to have got this far, and I'm sure no-one would wnat you to kill yourself. I'm sure your sons would not want to be the cause of their mother's death.

Do you have friends or family you can lean on for a while? What did your doctor recommend?

You're a brave, strong person Ruby and you've shown that to the whole world. You just need to keep that going for yourself as you have done for other people

Take care


  • jenny123
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06 Aug 08 #37916 by jenny123
Reply from jenny123
Hi Ruby

I just wanted to add a hug from me too. I really can't imagine what you're going through, I hope you've got good family and friends to help you through this and you can get through this.Like everyone else said you've come to the right place. We're all here for you. Look after yourself and your little boy.

Take care

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