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Is it normal to Hate??

  • stimo
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12 Aug 08 #39532 by stimo
Reply from stimo
Thanks to all for helpful advice and support.

I have been really fretting about this, its been going on for a couple of weeks and really didnt have a clue what was happening to her.

i suppose it makes sense that the last change she wants to see in me, is the one she has probably hoped for, for years.

If the shoe was on the other foot i would probably resent her for changing too late!

i really dont know how long i am going to be able to just grin and bear these 'hate and anger' feelings from her, i feel as though i'm going crazy, what i would give for just a normal day!!

Stimo x

  • mike62
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  • Platinum Member
12 Aug 08 #39539 by mike62
Reply from mike62

Picking up on Rasher's point, I do occasionally lose my rag with my STBX and say things like 'OK, you are angry with me. Fine, but what am I trying to achieve with XYZ? Who is ultimately going to benefit from me doing this? Both of us? Oh yes. So get off your high horse, get back down to earth and get on with it. This was YOUR choice, not mine. Live with it!'

Strangely it does occasionally snap her out of it. Far more effectively than any pre-separation rows.

Remember Stimo, she cared deeply about you. Even though she made the decision it was over, she, like you or me, can't simply turn off the 'caring' like a light switch. She is having difficulty with her decision. Why else would she be so sweet on your birthday? Of course she cares. But she has taken her decision and cannot reverse it. Part of her has already moved on. You know that too. She needs to get used to caring less about you and knows it. Part of all of this is anger at herself for not being able to cut you out emotionally.

Time, time, time.

Hang on in there Stimo,


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