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i say it all wrong

  • ruby66
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  • New Member
12 Aug 08 #39749 by ruby66
Topic started by ruby66
been on here a while but say the wrong things,i guess ive lost my social skills really i am a nice funny person but to be honest im not that well and think perhaps im putting people off i dont mean to but i dont know how to comunicate what i want to others i just need a bit of kindness and understanding i miss my ex and i miss my son i need some help

  • rasher
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  • Platinum Member
12 Aug 08 #39753 by rasher
Reply from rasher

Youve only just joined - how can you be saying things all wrong? Have you been going into chat? its a bit fast and furious in there sometimes. What is it that is happening in life for you right now?


  • Zara2009
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  • Platinum Member
12 Aug 08 #39758 by Zara2009
Reply from Zara2009
Of course you do not say the wrong things, what do you think you have said wrong?
I know your confidence is low, but dont feel like that. You are doing OK on here.
You must tell yourself that you are a lovely person, and a special one too. You have had a lot to contend with, so keep posting and telling us what is going on in your life.

  • dukey
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  • Moderator
  • Moderator
12 Aug 08 #39762 by dukey
Reply from dukey
Hello Ruby

Its me we talked last night in chat, you are funny and great to talk to the others thought so to, ive been where you are now i missed my ex very much, i am very sorry about your son i cant imagine how that must feel, have a small ray of hope in time you wont miss your ex life goes on it all gets better, for now take solice i am in new chat most nights pop in if you like i cant be offeneded (cant spell either) and i would love to talk to you again as i am sure the others would, be kind to your self ruby its not easy, and we have all been there :)


  • Marshy_
  • Marshy_'s Avatar
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  • Platinum Member
14 Aug 08 #40157 by Marshy_
Reply from Marshy_
Hi Ruby. Dont worry about it. We all say wrong things from time to time and people dont worry about it on here.

Talking about loss of social skills and so on. This is a symptom of breakup. So is loss of self asteam and feeling totaly lost. Its normal. We wont judge you. We are all in the same boat. We are all holding hands walking along a bumpy path and we are all there for each other. C

  • Poppie
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  • Platinum Member
14 Aug 08 #40166 by Poppie
Reply from Poppie
Ruby please do not feel this way, people in chat do not judge you by what you say, we are all individuals and all have different opinions but the emotions we feel are the same. You have enough to cope with without being so tough on yourself. I do not chat much but it helps just being in there, especially in the evenings, so keep going in it will help you.

Take care

Poppie x

  • GeJay
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14 Aug 08 #40179 by GeJay
Reply from GeJay
I take more notice of people who apear to ramble a bit and are dis-jointed and emotional etc, it shows they are suffering.
My views on people who come to this site claiming to be emotional wrecks but type long , articulate well structured sentances is well known! i find it hard to trust them.
I have seen many who come here who say very little and rant a bit to start with and over the weeks/months as they heal come out of them selves and get 'chattier' and 'chattier'.
Just post what you like and how you feel, we will always listen and not judge you.
Share with us, cry with us and eventualy laugh with us :o)


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