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just when you think you are getting over it??

  • Angel557
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25 Aug 08 #42760 by Angel557
Reply from Angel557
First time my kids ever met cheap stuff she bought them gifts, then bought them some clothes for xmas ,now the clothes she bought for my son were hidious more suited to coco the clown.If and i say if he sends anything i do open it and if her name is in there i tipex it out , my kids don't like her and she don't like my kids so i think i have valid reason for doing that.She ain't making out she is thinking about my kids every day like the cards in the past have said.

  • Zara2009
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25 Aug 08 #42791 by Zara2009
Reply from Zara2009
Hi jelly and Angel,
In one of my previous posts I commented on this sort of action by the OW or other girl, because that is what she was. They are stupid, thick, insensitive and have no idea what they are doing. They are just so luvved up with their new man, who has probably told them so many horrible things about you, they want to be the nicey nice one.
If they had an ounce of brains in the first place, they would not have wanted to be included in the break up of a marriage and the destruction of children's lives.
They are a special breed. Children see through this though

Level with your child by being honest. Nobody spots a phony quicker than a child.
- Mary MacCracken

The only consolation you have is that your OH is with a right thicko.

My two sons spotted that years ago.

Perhaps you should send a note jelly with your children asking for the items she really needs. That would be hard for them to ignore especially if it is something that is really desperately wanted by them!!!!

I could blast all day about these silly little girls, there should be a special name for them cant think of one at the moment.

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