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Reaching acceptance

  • Shoegirl
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14 May 14 #433442 by Shoegirl
Reply from Shoegirl

Thanks for the response to my post. It is always good to get feedback.

I have been divorced for some time and found my version of acceptance some time ago. I''m happy with life and where things are at for me.

I am glad you too are finding your own way through this divorce journey. We all have our own path.

Thanks for sharing yours.

  • Home alone feeling better
  • Home alone feeling better's Avatar
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14 May 14 #433452 by Home alone feeling better
Reply from Home alone feeling better

It actually dawned on me today during a meeting that I am now alone with no husband.

I guess I am accepting that there is no way back now, not that I want to go backwards.

I think acceptance comes in different stages. Then again I might be wrong.

We need to accept things in our own time as it allows our brain to make sense of things.

Take care all of you x

  • Declan
  • Declan's Avatar Posted by
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  • Platinum Member
14 May 14 #433456 by Declan
Reply from Declan
Think my brain has fried trying to figure it all out .
Think best to just let it be . It is what is and I am where I am .........least ways for now


  • PGtips
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  • Platinum Member
14 May 14 #433459 by PGtips
Reply from PGtips
Hey D,
The way I see it, life always has it''s problems, if it''s not one thing then it''s another....yin and yang,
We are either struggling and striving to make our marriages work or we are struggling and working to survive divorce.
As parents we worry about our children all the time, whether married or divorced...there are always parenting issues.
We worry about money, whether married or divorced, there will always be money issues.
We all have trust issues , married or divorced, trust is always a huge contemplation etc, etc.
Way I see it, life always has it''s problems no matter what.
It''s just for us, we are dealing with those problems with a great big invisible knife struck right into the heart, and the knife it keeps twisting and turning.....but hey, one day we pull the knife out, we heal and we live to tell the tale.
OO! :dry::dry:not being able to sleep and so listening to morning chorus has made me ''visionary poetic'' :laugh::laugh::laugh:
But you catch my drift
PG x

  • HeadKnowsHeartDoesnt
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  • Platinum Member
14 May 14 #433461 by HeadKnowsHeartDoesnt
Reply from HeadKnowsHeartDoesnt
Well said PG tips - thanks

  • Butterfly Lady
  • Butterfly Lady's Avatar
  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
14 May 14 #433464 by Butterfly Lady
Reply from Butterfly Lady
As others have said there is no magic formula. Am I at acceptance stage I don''t know but what this process has taught me is more about who i am the things that have happened to me and actually to stop sticking my head in the sand like an ostrich and deal with them.
My friend said you have come so far in two years it''s quite a change. I can''t go into everything on here but seeing the whole picture has helped. Accepting what life has dealt me in many ways has made me stronger.
I miss many things but many things I don''t because I was actually lonely in my marriage so at least now when I''m alone it''s because I am alone if you get my drift.
I think as shoegirl says for me it''s had to be something I''ve worked on. Coming on here looking for inspiration, stopping the need to find out about "them", accepting that I wasnt the fault that there isn''t anything wrong with me I''m whom I am.
In some way I''m glad it happened and I know that may sound perverse but there are steps I''ve taken that I never would have if he hadn''t left. At the time I had hoped we would get back together but now I''m glad we didn''t. Do is wish we''d tried ... Perhaps....
The whole divorce process is dreadful and I am not at the end so know there is more pain to come but you will get there my friend I know you will
BL xx

  • Declan
  • Declan's Avatar Posted by
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
14 May 14 #433472 by Declan
Reply from Declan
Yeah . Thanks PG BL ,.
I know that one day I will be home . It''s an horrible journey on the way to acceptance .
What I don''t get is how quickly my ex has moved on . She must have reached acceptance pretty darn quick . Ah well . We that are left eh


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