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It''s the little things

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13 May 14 #433309 by HeadKnowsHeartDoesnt
Reply from HeadKnowsHeartDoesnt
Hi Olive

You hang in there - sending you a massive hug.

That''s some good advice from Eliza about the phone and changing his name on your mobile. I deleted my ex''s number the day he left, but had to reinstate it after I arranged to call and text block him. He is now listed as a full stop ie . - that''s it''s just a little dot fading out of my life - that''s how I look at it.

Take care of yourself xx

  • Hollyxxx
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13 May 14 #433312 by Hollyxxx
Reply from Hollyxxx
olive I opened my phone book today to get a number to call a friend, exs hand writhing stared me in the face :(, felt like I had been punched in the stomach, going to be a few yrs before we can completely move on , but we will get there :). xxxx

  • homargar
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13 May 14 #433328 by homargar
Reply from homargar
I''m 18 months seperated and havn''t had a lot of contact with my ex. I was really starting to feel happier then had a call from him over the weekend. It really unsettled me, but all I got from him was accusations, him lying through his teeth and generally a load of verbal abuse. I should have felt ''Why on earth would I want to be with this man'', well actually I don''t anymore but it still hurts when I look back and think this is the man I loved totally.He abandoned me but it''s all my fault according to him. He cannot see that he deffinately is not the victim. So I have had a couple of days feeling teary but I come onto this site and it always makes me feel better. It is hard but I no longer know this man and I know I am so much better off without him. But like you I miss being part of a couple and that''s the hard part. He still has all of his belongings in the house, but he has now told me to get rid of everything even his cd & dvd collection. So scissors at the ready and a carboot sale coming on I think. He can just walk away from our life together into another womans and start again. All I can say is Good Riddance to bad rubbish. Hopefully you will start to feel stronger soon. x

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