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Keep dreaming about the split

  • Lizziejt
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15 Mar 16 #475563 by Lizziejt
Topic started by Lizziejt
This morning I woke up feeling upset after yet another dream about the moment I split up with my ex. I keep having these dreams, each of them in different scenarios but always it is the same moment where we are splitting up. Usually I am crying in the dream while he is hovering looking sad/guilty. It''s horrible reliving this all the time!!
I think it may be because the separation happened so quickly and we were divorced straight away, but it''s very unsettling...Has anyone else had these types of dreams? They leave me feeling very sad.

  • Moona50
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  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
15 Mar 16 #475565 by Moona50
Reply from Moona50
Not specifically that but loads of dreams clearly related to the situation.

Sometimes wake up angry, sometimes empty and sad, sometimes bewildered.

Its horrible but I like to think its our subconscious dealing with some of the pain and hurt. Hopefully all just part of the journey towards feeling peaceful and contented again.

All the best.

  • Garry66
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  • New Member
  • New Member
16 Mar 16 #475566 by Garry66
Reply from Garry66
I totally understand, after eight months of separation, I wake up at all hours of the night, with dreams that seem so real, I think the dreams have actually happened, if that makes any sense. I think it''s because you don''t want to let go of the person you loved, and in your dreams you don''t have to. I think mine are living out sernarios that we could have had, when you wake you feel empty and sad all again.
I know it will take time to heal, and that is what I tell myself.

All the very best.

  • Still me
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  • Premium Member
16 Mar 16 #475589 by Still me
Reply from Still me
I''ve been separated for nearly 2 years, but it''s only been completely over in the last 6 months. I used to regularly dream he was in bed with me (sleeping!) and I would wake up crying, recently I dreamt he was holding me & we were back together.....I woke up in a cold sweat and complete panic that it was true!!! Well I guess that''s progress of some sort.

  • littlegreen
  • littlegreen's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
16 Mar 16 #475591 by littlegreen
Reply from littlegreen

I don''t know know if it''s this thread or whether it''s other things going on in my life right now but I dreamt I was in bed with my ex last night. The image is of his neck and shoulder and I kept trying to nuzzle (is that even a word) into him. He didn''t move, it''s like he wasn''t real and yet he felt very real.

Yesterday I learned that no less than 6 people have handed in their notice at work, two of whom are my bosses and I''ll really really miss them. I feel abandoned and sad.

God knows why I dreamt of him, emotional he was useless and never there when it mattered. That''s probably why he didn''t move in the dream. All I know is that today I''ve not stopped thinking about it and I ache to the core for a big big meaningful hug.

This journey knows no bounds

Take care and I hope your dreams move on to something more pleasurable. Today I get how sad you feel.

LG xXx

  • Vastra1
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  • Platinum Member
17 Mar 16 #475610 by Vastra1
Reply from Vastra1
Yes I still have dreams that he asks to come back (which has never happened) and after briefly contemplating it I say no. It usually happens during the rare occasions when he is being civil, and yet the thought of being with him fills me with horror.
I think it reflects the tenacity with which our mammalian brains hold onto emotional memories of important and apparently secure relationships, despite us knowing it''s over. These bonds seem to take so long to weaken, so much longer than we would like!

  • Action
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  • Platinum Member
17 Mar 16 #475613 by Action
Reply from Action
I still have painful dreams after 5 and a half years even though I know I never want him in my life again I still feel sad at what we once had and I guess I''ve never really come to terms with what he turned into and how badly he treated me. To be honest I doubt it will ever go away completely.

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