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Is it OK (healthy) to hate your STBX +Facebook?

  • Clawed
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14 Apr 17 #491112 by Clawed
Reply from Clawed
Sounds like you're in a fairly good place, I still don't want any contact with my ex even though I'm grateful that he left because I'm happier in a new relationship than I ever thought possible. I don't hate him, I forgive him but I don't want him as a friend even though it's 2.5 years since we split.
As soon as ex said he didn't want us to be a couple any longer I changed my status to single on Facebook and took off the married to bit (I'm a bit of a Facebook junkie).

  • looking_ahead
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14 Apr 17 #491114 by looking_ahead
Reply from looking_ahead

Facebook is an interesting one for sure, I've suspended my account to "slow" me down in lashing out, because as OK as I can be sometimes, when she is out with him like she is now................ it still hurts sooooooo much.

long walk for the dogs coming up!


  • polar
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15 Apr 17 #491119 by polar
Reply from polar
Hate may be one way of looking at it.
Resent what they did might be better.
Yes it took several years to work out what happened . It was like a jigsaw and far to complicated to go into every aspect . Basically I was the chosen one to help her achieve her aims and then I became obsolete.

Yes I became obsolete by year 10 according to all the evidence and then I became the 'stable' one who she came home to but continually and secretly played behind my back for the next 15.

In the early days after she left I was even 'played' by her intentions to come back etc until I slammed the door shut on all communications except through legal channels.

As for facebook ? I closed my account immediately. Why expose yourself to the lies the other half will be telling their friends to justify their actions.

Yep 6 years later I found out that she had told all her friends that the reason she left was because I beat her up. (no telling those friends that she had been screwing their husbands then !!!)

My x used another social platform and when I saw the post I promptly told her solicitor if thats the way it was going to be played then I would expose all. It was removed the next day !!

I found the best way to cope and survive was to remain secretive and let the fact that I had not been destroyed and in fact doing rather well trickle via usual channels.

Its 10 years now less 2 weeks since the split and all I hear are negative reports via my daughter who still has contact.
And my facebook page is under another name !! Hers however is open to all and its not a pretty sight !!

Waste your energy on yourself it will have far better results.


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