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Ever been threatened with being kicked out of own

  • Passport
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23 Jun 08 #28084 by Passport
Topic started by Passport
Just wanted a calm chat today about something that happened yesterday which was out of character for her (stbx)? We are in the early stages of separating with house on the market but no interest at all (not the best time to sell).
Well she freaked out, shouting, swearing, hitting and throwing things. This is not like her and I have never seen this side of her before. She kept saying “I’m going to get you out of here, my solicitor can make you go”. I managed to stay calm on the outside (but erupting on the inside). Then she stormed off out. I have never used any form of violence towards her (physical or mental)
Just wondering if anyone here has had the same or similar experience and what developed.
Thanks for being here Wiki

  • peterc
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23 Jun 08 #28090 by peterc
Reply from peterc
my wife is claming that i am menacing towards her - despite the fact that for over 18 years i have never once harmed or hurt her in any way!!!!

  • BRM
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23 Jun 08 #28095 by BRM
Reply from BRM
Welcome to Wiki Neutron

Well done for staying calm m8, it's the best way. I had much the same but she did use physical force. We have two small children so when I was asked to leave the home from her solicitor I did to protect the kids from seeing her rages. But you don't have to leave and her solicitor can't force you it's only a request. If you have no children then I'd say stay put and wait for the sale of the house. If she has more rages walk away and don't react, go out for a while so she can calm down.

I hope things get better for you.

Take care m8


  • sealion
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23 Jun 08 #28097 by sealion
Reply from sealion
My advice ? Stay put as long as you can . Leave ,when it is convinent for you , not her solicitor .
I went through this ,her solicitor threatening me ,trying to sound "big and tough" in his letters . I have appeared to wave the white flag , however , once this is sorted I will be paying him a little visit , for a "chat" . His office is 20 mins from me . I wonder if he will be so tough "face to face" ? I think we know the answer to that !!!

  • Staffa
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24 Jun 08 #28343 by Staffa
Reply from Staffa
Yes. this led to my current situation where my wife in Dec 2007 wanted me out of the bed, bedroom and finally house. I refused and she threatened legal advice. Letter receivied from solicitor 20th Dec telling me my marriage was finished and that my wife wanted to buy my share of the house. Ok credit crunch kicks in and she struggles to get enough to buy me out, I was made redundant in December and sat here ever since unable to get work (hasten to add I have worked and earned good salary all my life) However her latest ploy was to move out on June2nd when everything was supposed to be finalised, the reason for moving out as she told everyone was she could not handle the emotional stress. No its a set up as her solicitor is now asking my arrangements for paying this months mortgage. My solicitor is unconcerned by this at this moment and I have been advised by a close friend in the know legally you cannot be forced from the matrimonial home. Keep your cool I know it is hard.

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