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Ex moving in with OW

  • Saffs
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31 May 12 #334396 by Saffs
Topic started by Saffs
My boys have suggested that ex is planning to move an hour''s drive away to move in with OW...I suspected this might happen soon as she has house, horses, blah blah. On one hand I am quite keen to have him "out of the area" and I know our boys have a great time at her house as it is small village, they have made friends and love playing in the woods etc. His OW seems ok although ex has suggested our youngest (5) may be having "mummy confusion" WTF?!! She also has a small house and they would all have to share 1 bedroom...not ideal.

BUT on the other hand at the moment he has midweek overnight contact as well as alternative weekends and also helps (his request) bring the older two home after a club that finishes at 8pm so I dont have to wake youngest up to collect them. I have just increased my hours (to pay mortgage as he only contributes minimum CSA payment having halved his salary since separating...self employed usual stuff) so am worried that I will now have to be re-jig everything while he swans off. He already attends very few functions (plays, assemblies) at schools and can only assume this will decrease more :(

The main positive that I can see is that I am hoping that if his costs are shared out that he will then be able to contribute a bit more but is this the case???

He has asked the boys for their opinion suggesting OW would move in with him if they didnt want him to go....2 bed flat above shops...doubt it??!! (apparently she would sell her horses?!):unsure:

purge over!

  • rubytuesday
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14 Jun 12 #336684 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday

THE CSA wouldn''t take the OW''s income into account when calculating as it is he who is responsible for financially supporting his children - but you could suggest that he may like to make a voluntary contribution but he is under no obligation to contribute more than the recommended CSA amount.

Would the mid-week contact completely end if he moved in with his new partner?

  • NoWhereToTurnl
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14 Jun 12 #336689 by NoWhereToTurnl
Reply from NoWhereToTurnl
Once a horse lover, always a horse lover, no way do I see her selling them!
Do you get SM? would it be worth looking at variation of that?

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