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Is this against the law

  • hattiedaw
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16 Jun 12 #337052 by hattiedaw
Topic started by hattiedaw
If, in the bank statements relating to a form E the "other side" notices that the other person has joined a dating website then decides to create a false profile on the same site and befriends the other person using any information gained to use against the other person..is it illegal?
In a little more detail the person in question was fragile and lonely and was befriended on the date site by the other person. This "friendship" developed over a few months although the person with the false profile claimed they could not afford a mobile phone so no numbers were exchanged and every time a "date" was arranged the person with false profile had to cancel due to some crisis.
The information then gained was used against the other person (not in court or anything but in general life to make other person think their friends are telling ex about her).
An example: Other person started dating someone off date site. She was happy with this person and told false profile person this (false profile and her were emailing several times a day by this point and she was telling him all her hopes and fears etc as she was very lonely and vulnerable). The person she was dated ended the relationship and she was gutted and told false profile "friend" who sympathised.
Few days later had email from ex taunting her about how the relationship had ended and telling her to watch out who her friends are making her incredibly paranoid and shutting off from and suspecting all friends for a long time.
Only when false profile friend started prying into details regarding to court matters did she get suspicious.
Now is it illegal to pose as a false person to gain information to use against someone?

  • jslgb
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16 Jun 12 #337053 by jslgb
Reply from jslgb
I have no idea of any legal implications but I guess as the information isnt being used against this person in a professional capacity such as court or the like then probably no, its not illegal. As far as i am aware there is nothing to stop someone lying about who they are to befriend someone unless it is a minor or using it to their advantage in a sexual or professional capacity.

Its not a nice situation that your friend finds themselves in but i guess these are the pitfalls of internet dating. I''ve dabbled a little myself but after a certain period of time i prefer to communicate via phone or in person. I think whoever it is may have to chalk this one up to a bad experience and be more cautious in the future.

  • fairylandtime
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16 Jun 12 #337054 by fairylandtime
Reply from fairylandtime
Oh dear

I don''t think it is against the law, but it is morally wrong, controlling, sneaky & just plain awful!

How can you ever trust anyone.....

When going through the divorce I basically encamped .... Found I couldn''t talk to many "joint" friends, was accused of spreading lies, (even when I hadn''t even heard them myself lol!). It''s a pretty hard time & I can understand that one could meet someone online & bear all, my advice is to encamp as I did. Stay close to your good friends / family who you can trust (if you think you can trust them), seek counselling & aside from the councillor don''t bear all to anyone but them, everyone else has their own opinions & bias & you don''t need that right now.

Work on yourself, befriending yourself, at first only when you are happy with yourself can you form honest & open relationships with others.

I would however, keep copies of everything, you never know when things will come in useful, even if not directly if you needed o show how controlling & underhand your x is/was that certainly does it.

Protect yourself


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