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What are we each entitled to in our divorce settlement?

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The four basic steps to reaching an agreement on divorce finances are: disclosure, getting advice, negotiating and implementing a Consent Order.

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Financial deception - what can I do?

  • Aquaman
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  • Junior Member
10 Aug 12 #348699 by Aquaman
Topic started by Aquaman
My ex-wife and I are soon to have our FDR and have just exchanged financial disclosure. The problem is my ex has been less than honest. I have been met by her saying that I owe her £10k for a bogus loan that her parent''s apparently gave me. She is also staking claim to every penny of our matrimonial funds even though she is in a relationship with a well-off man, who she is planning to buy a £300k house with after the finances are completed. My ex is saying that she will not be buying a house with her partner of 4 years even though she boasts to me that they already have £170k after he recently sold his house in preparation for their future purchase. I have no money and struggle to make ends meet as it is. I don''t want to take money away from her and our children, but I would like a fair and honest hearing, but how do I compete. It makes me so angry that I can''t afford to take our children anywhere and haven''t had a holiday for 2 years, but my ex, her partner and our children are currently at Disney Land Paris!
Why can''t she just be honest?
Why can''t I compete fairly?
Why can''t the court see through her Bull***t?
Why can''t I find peace?

Any advice would be appreciated.


  • redwine47
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  • Platinum Member
11 Aug 12 #348712 by redwine47
Reply from redwine47
Hi I read ur post with interest and have just posted similar question. Stbx has spent funds, hidden funds, is earning gd salary, able to jet off hols, designer clothes for his partner, eat out most nights, list goes on. And he''s demanding 60. % of our assets , lots money wasted on legal fees.

It''s a disgrace this dishonest behaviour.
I hope you get some help here.


  • blonde cazza
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11 Aug 12 #348718 by blonde cazza
Reply from blonde cazza
I too have read your post.
I have had this with my ex he had an interest in a family firm which he denied but i simply cant fford for it to go to court so have had to let it go :(

  • WhiteRose
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  • Moderator
  • Moderator
11 Aug 12 #348728 by WhiteRose
Reply from WhiteRose
Aquaman - all you can do is be honest.

All her claims and statements need to be backed up by evidence.

I imagine them [the Judges] see this day-in-day-out in financial division, their difficulties is to separate the truth-tellers from the truth-stretchers :(

She will have to declare if she is intending to co-habit and I think there is recourse if she says she does not intend to, but does within 6 months (? wiser wiki''s can confirm)

Are you being represented?


  • amefbi
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  • Platinum Member
11 Aug 12 #348733 by amefbi
Reply from amefbi
Im in the same boat with a dishonest, sneaky and sly stbx that has financially ruined our lives and future.

  • QPRanger
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11 Aug 12 #348734 by QPRanger
Reply from QPRanger
Whether liars in court are found out is I''m afraid down to the judge on the day. My ex was allowed to repeatedly lie about fictious loans from parents (backed up by hastily written letters), farcically inflated claims about her future earnings potential (not backed up by anything) and me in particular (once again no evidence). The judge bought the lot, although her subsequent actions will hopefully make him reconsider his judgement on her character...

  • Aquaman
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  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
11 Aug 12 #348744 by Aquaman
Reply from Aquaman
Thanks to all of you.

It''s shocking that people can do such things, but the courts are terrible at making decisions based on evidence and not what people say. I do have some evidence of her plans to cohabit and her bank statements disclosing what she spends per month, which is more than I earn!!
Plus she has failed to disclose 2 bank accounts that I have evidence on including the sort code and account numbers. You never know, she may have shot herself in the foot. All I can do is present the evidence and put trust in such a poor system.

I hope you all find the truth and it gets recognised too!

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