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Need help in completing D180 form!

  • BeaFree
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26 Apr 18 #501103 by BeaFree
Reply from BeaFree
Hi guys,
I'm also finding the whole d180 process confusing. The added 'bonus' in my case is the fact that I got diverced in 1999...and it's not easy to recollect all the details now.
My questions:
1. What should be in the top right hand table? Is this table for me to complete? and if so, the court I got divorced in no longer exists. Would I keep the old court name anyway?
2. What would you put under husband;s address? The last address I have is from 1999.
3. Point 8.2 Legal separation - Should I populate this field? I've populated the 8.1 with the divorce date.
4. Fianlly, right at the end: Done at..... date... signature/stamp - is this section for me or the court?

Would be ever so grateful for ANY advice, please.

  • Extrawork154
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07 Sep 18 #503744 by Extrawork154
Reply from Extrawork154
I need some help about d180 form please
1. Member state of origin.?
As i am polish national but divorce in uk
And how long it would takes to process
Any help will be much appreciated O

  • Extrawork154
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07 Sep 18 #503747 by Extrawork154
Reply from Extrawork154
I am in same situation as you was.
Can you help me to fill the form please
And how it will take to process
Please share experience O

  • ojc
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19 Jan 19 #505777 by ojc
Reply from ojc
I am in the process of getting one of these & have received some guidance notes from the Central Family Court. In case it might help others...

Q1: UK

Q2.1: Name of Court where Decree Absolute was made.
Q2.2: Address of above court
Q2.3: Telephone number of above court

Q3.1: Details of ex-wife
Q3.2: Details of the ex-husband (if not sure about the current address, write down the last known address)
Q3.3: Your former marriage details. It should match what is on your Marriage Certificate & Decree Absolute.

Q4.1: The court where the divorce was finalised
Q4.2: Address of that court

Q5.1: Date of Decree Nisi (the first date on the Decree Absolute certificate)
Q5.2: Your case number (found at the top-right corner of the Decree Absolute)
Q5.3 & 5.4: Fill in as appropriate. (Type of judgement is "divorce" if you got divorced)

Q7: "No"

Q8.1: Date of Decree Absolute (found at the bottom of the Decree Absolute).
Q8.2: [No guidance given but I gave the same date as in 8.1 and it seemed to do the trick.]

Don't sign or fill in the last line on the bottom - the judge will do this.

  • scaniaescort
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09 May 19 #507513 by scaniaescort
Reply from scaniaescort
hi there, just filling in y D180 form, do I have to put in my solicitors ref at the top of the form? and it mentions article 37 [2] must be attached, what are these articles to be attached??

  • FeeBee67
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  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
09 May 19 #507515 by FeeBee67
Reply from FeeBee67
Article 37.2 is in reference to question 5.4.
If answer is "no", then disregard!
Not sure which section you refer to for adding solicitor info?
The top right box on the first page doesn't have to be completed by you.

  • RickA
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22 Jul 20 #513382 by RickA
Reply from RickA
Hi, I cannot see the responses to other people's questions so posting my questions.

top right hand box....details on case number and applicant's solicitor reference - is this a section for me to fill in and where do i get this information?

what is the process then?
send this as a letter to The Family court? Fees?

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