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Can my ex demand this?

  • littleproblems
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03 Sep 20 #513975 by littleproblems
Topic started by littleproblems
Hi all,
Just wanted some advice about a dilemma I'm in Basically my soon to be ex husband and I are separated and are going through court to sort out our finances. I currently live in the house with our 7 and 3 year old, we are both on the deeds and both contribute towards the mortgage.
We are required to get our house valued and I have already had 4 estate agents over to give me estimates. My ex wants to arrange his own estate agent but is demanding that I am out of the house when he brings one over. I rarely go out as I am without transport, we live in a very rural area and there is not much close by.
He has not been in the house for over a year and to be honest I do not trust him to be in the house alone without me, I know that he has equal rights to come and go as he pleases but he hasnt once come in to collect our children, he waits outside in the car as he 'just cant stand to look at me' I have never stopped him coming in, all i have ever done is refuse to be out if he ever did (again, trust issues - i feel he would change the locks or look through my things)
Can anyone give me advice about what I should do?
I do not want to appear awkward to a judge but I am within my rights not to be told to leave my home especially with the children in tow. Im not sure where he expects us to go?!

Any help/advice?

thank you

  • hadenoughnow
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06 Sep 20 #514005 by hadenoughnow
Reply from hadenoughnow
Have you had FDA (first appointment) yet?

It would be usual for the person not living in the property to provide a guesstimate valuation on form E. If there is a big difference between that and the value provided by your estate agents, an independent chartered surveyor's report will be ordered. You will have to agree the instruction and share the costs.

My view would be that you have a right to privacy. It is fine for you to agree to his estate agent visiting, but I don't see why you and the children should need to vacate or why he needs to be present.


  • littleproblems
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09 Sep 20 #514066 by littleproblems
Reply from littleproblems
Thank you very much, I have since told him I am happy for another estate agent to value the property and even if he wants to attend but I will not be going out at his request.
Thanks again

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