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meaning of names

  • Daisy049
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03 Jul 08 #30474 by Daisy049
Topic started by Daisy049
hi guys

ok so this might be abit obvious for some....but some peeps have really interesting online names and i just wondered what made you pick yours ??

ok so Tetley (tets) I'm assuming loves his tea, (he makes it all the time anyway)

Rosie im assuming loves roses ??

Me i love Daisy's

so if you fancy it let me know why you named yourself your name....errr if you get my drift..


p.s heres a hug for today just because..(((hug)))

  • paul88888
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  • Junior Member
03 Jul 08 #30478 by paul88888
Reply from paul88888
You will never guess.....


  • rosiegirl
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  • Platinum Member
03 Jul 08 #30483 by rosiegirl
Reply from rosiegirl
Well I do love roses Daisy, so anytime you want to send me some feel free :laugh:But that isn't why i picked my name.

It was because that was how I was beginning to feel again at long last.. life was starting to be rosy again :)

  • megan
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  • Platinum Member
03 Jul 08 #30485 by megan
Reply from megan
Hi Daisy
2007 was an awfull year in our family, brother-in-law had a terrible motorbike crash in april and things just went from bad to worse.
The only good thing that happend that year was the birth of my niece Megan.A happy healthy smiley little girl.
So thats me Megan, welsh girl with a welsh name and if I can be happy and smiley by the end off all this it will have worked for me!

Thanks for the hug X

  • IKNOWNOW's Avatar
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03 Jul 08 #30486 by IKNOWNOW
Reply from IKNOWNOW
Ok, well those of you that have been here long enough may remember me as IFIKNEWTHEN. I found this on a keyring and a fridge magnet immediately after my split and I thought it summed up quite a bit.

IFIKNEWTHEN meaning pre-marriage, would I have made the same decisions, then NO, probably not; but that said, I wouldn't have my 5 lovely children who are my life.

Hence a lot of people call me IFI, the old name stuck.

Well, my life seemed to be moving on, so I changed my name to IKNOWNOW. I know now that my life, however hard, is always going to be better than the abusive marriage that I endured for too many years.

Anyway, most of my friends now call me Sarah, which in a way is lovely, as my ex-husband never called me Sarah.

Sarah is who I am.

Whilst talking about names; Sarah has the Hebrew meaning - "Princess".

xx Sarah xx

  • rubytuesday
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  • Moderator
03 Jul 08 #30488 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday
Ruby is an old nickname from my wild youth :)

when I orginally joined I had another username, which i changed to rubytuesday as it was confusing having one name and being called another. Ruby was already in use, so chose the Stones song - from which the line comes "who could hang a name on you" - thought it was appropriate.
I also get called "rubes", which I like :)
quite a few know my real name, which is Hebrew, like Sarah's and it means "compasionate friend"..........................

  • Shezi
  • Shezi's Avatar
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  • Moderator
03 Jul 08 #30489 by Shezi
Reply from Shezi
It's nice to know... thanks Daisy!

Shezi is what the kids at school call me (when they think I'm not listening) ;)It relates to my surname and not my first...

My real name means 'lovely' lol!

Shez x

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