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meaning of names

  • redoctober
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04 Jul 08 #30675 by redoctober
Reply from redoctober
redoctober : I used to be a strong believer in socialist principles ( please don't ask me at wiki 'why' or 'why no longer' as I am liable to tell you...lol ) hence the 'red' and October is my birth month.
Before the well known film 'The Hunt for Redoctober' with Sean Connery, there was a French film called "Marie Octobre" set some years after World War II where the heroin asks all the surviving members of her resistance group for dinner in order to find out who had betrayed them to the Germans.
The sense of patience to right a wrong appealed to me and i wanted to come on as Marie Octobre, but stbx would have known it was me.
Now I don't care any more.
My name is Marie.

  • Poppie
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04 Jul 08 #30716 by Poppie
Reply from Poppie
I decided on Poppie (Poppy was already taken) because they always look so fragile and that is how I was feeling when I chose the name. I also have a picture on my bedroom wall by Monet of Corn Poppies which is lovely.

  • hadenoughnow
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  • Moderator
04 Jul 08 #30781 by hadenoughnow
Reply from hadenoughnow
I think mine is pretty self explanatory too!!! :laugh:

With FH next week, unnecessary legal bills hitting £25k and stbx behaving like a complete a***e .. (how do you justify demanding half what the house is worth - and keeping a very large pension when you haven't paid for anything for 10 years particularly your 3 kids (rant)) - I really have ....


  • peterc
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  • Elite Member
04 Jul 08 #30782 by peterc
Reply from peterc
peterc cos thats my name :)- yes im a very simple bloke

  • D L
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  • User is blocked
  • User is blocked
04 Jul 08 #30846 by D L
Reply from D L

does what it says on the tin! (regardless of how many still feel the need to ask if I am a "real" one ) ;)

I wanted to be Amanda, but we had one of those, and I coudnt think of anything else :huh:....so I became DL!


  • Techy
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  • Senior Member
04 Jul 08 #30860 by Techy
Reply from Techy
My name also simply refers to my job. If I'd have chosen a name that reflected how I've been feeling in the past few years, it would have offended many !
My name caused confusion in the chat room, everyone thought I was 'Tetchy', as in a bit angry. My fault though, coz I chose to spell 'Techie' with a y, as it looks better. Maybe I actually have, inadvertantly, revealed how I've been feeling...

  • polar
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06 Jul 08 #31018 by polar
Reply from polar
Chosen because I hope that one of the wives of one of the SOBS who played a part in my breakup and will put one and one together if they ever go on this site and that KARMA will take its course.

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