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jobs you never thought you had to do but have done

  • JulesW
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03 Jul 08 #30594 by JulesW
Reply from JulesW
I just hope the decking doesnt conceal anything a la Brookside.
No missing bodies are there?

  • Daisy049
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04 Jul 08 #30636 by Daisy049
Reply from Daisy049
wow guys you should be really proud of yourselves !!!

something i did last before way before all this happened was to redecorate our back bedroom.

i'd always wanted to move into it as it was much bigger and i felt comfier in it..however x wasnt keen, so i took a week off work and did it myself..

have to say he took out the fitted wardrobes but that basically was it, oh ok then he painted a bit..

however my main job and sanding the floor boards with one of those massive machines !!! the most scariest job ive ever done.

mum and her hubby helped me to put it together and stayed whilst i tried to work it out and within 2 mins of starting the machine up the head bit went wizzing off into the skirting board !!!!!!! yep it smashed it up but hey ho..carried on and the floorboards look lovely now..

quite funny at the time..


  • ghosthunter
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04 Jul 08 #30645 by ghosthunter
Reply from ghosthunter
Great topic - its amazing what you can do that you didn't think you could. I've done a lot more DIY than before but i'm getting worried that I did a lot of things people are new to before all of this like the grass cutting and putting the bins out so I was obviously too emancipated or stupid whichever.

I would love to get some car maintenance courses but the local college doesn't do them, so I went out and bought a new car with 5 years parts and labour warranty so I don't have to worry. Toss up whether to pay the car loan or the council tax, but heh at least I won't break down on the M6 and cause traffic mayhem!


  • Sun 13
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  • Platinum Member
09 Jul 08 #31742 by Sun 13
Reply from Sun 13
I don't think there's anything specific that I've done that's surprised me, but it's good to know that I can cope with everything on my own, including housework, gardening, shopping, etc, but mostly just the fact that I now know I can live a fulfilled life when left to my own devices. I think making my own life is the thing that I never thopught I'd have to do but I'm quite proud of the fact that I've done it

  • mumof3
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  • Junior Member
09 Jul 08 #31753 by mumof3
Reply from mumof3
I have put new light bulbs in the car, fixed a wardrobe door that was pulled off by my son's friend, been decorating. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it

  • dby47
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  • Junior Member
09 Jul 08 #31755 by dby47
Reply from dby47
Good thread daisy -

2 months since my wife packed up and left and things i have done:-

* Sorted out a household budget - realised i was probably paying too much in housekeeping in any event - much of which subsidise her clothes, shoes and make up budget.

* Sorted out a new life assurance policy and saved over £150 per month.

* Used a washing machine on a regular basis and realise i was the major contributor to the weekly washing tasks and worldwide environmental damage(why do i use so much underwear and socks!!).

* Fought with the vacuum cleaner and somehow managed to change the vacuum bag.

* Sorted out all the photographs and realised - yes we did have some good times together although they seem a distant memory now.

* Bought things like toilets rolls and only just realise they dont last forever and we use so many of them.

* Sorted out all the spare drawers and cupboards only to find long lost and probably discarded presents and gifts. Women really dont like black and red undies!!! Anyone want any unused and still boxed La Salza underwear size 10-12 ??

Just to keep my mind off the divorce subject I am now working my way down from rooftop to garden - Redecorating and keeping busy.


  • TMax
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  • Platinum Member
09 Jul 08 #31758 by TMax
Reply from TMax
Mmmm my learning to be independant came at a very early age and was able to do more things than your above average youngster could do, so by the time I reached my teens and girls, I knew more about houseold requirements and reparing things than I did about the opposite sex. I knew at school that I was a damn better cook than any of them LOL, and of course I knew how to do a lot of things very well that was supposed to be womens work.

So by the time my late teens reared its head I needed very littlehelp for anything. and my new thing was discovering women, I wont go into what I was taught by one girl but god it was better than pictures and ice cream :D.

Now what have I learnt since... that my days of hard knocks as a youngster have stood me well. some here on wiki have read part of my lifes story (Emailed to them), i cant rember who heheh but i did l leave a track for it some where i think.

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