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  • afonleas
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07 Jun 12 #335538 by afonleas
Reply from afonleas
Afternoon mr marsh

You said you have seen a medium i have seen a few but although they brought up my parents i honestly don''t feel they connected,although at the end of one of my sittings the medium told me all the way through the sitting a person had been stroking my face at this point i broke down and lost the plot completly,i,m not afraid for anyone to know i can cry!!!

So the point i am trying to make even though i want it validated that they are around me,if someone did contact them i know i would not want to lose them again,
hope you get what i mean?
Iknow that this physically impossible they are both in the nextworld but i would hate to lose them all over.

Hopefully u can understand my thought process not just the ramblings of some mad welsh woman.

luv and cwtchs to all............afon

  • Marshy_
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08 Jun 12 #335662 by Marshy_
Reply from Marshy_
Bore da to you afon...

afonleas wrote:

Iknow that this physically impossible they are both in the nextworld

I wouldnt be so sure. There is a lot of things that cant be explained in this world. We can email someone thousands of miles away. Go to the moon and visit the stars. Boil something in a microwave using rays we cannot see. But there are lots of things we do not understand. No one knows how Gravity really works for example. So as for the nextworld, I wouldnt write it off. As with microwaves, we cant touch or see them but they do exist.

The guy I went to see is somewhat of an expert. He has his own website and he gives classes and lectures. And loads of people on the internet rate him. I am a very sceptical person at the best of times. But he blew me away. I couldnt believe it.

But he told me things no one knew. And he told me not to speak. And I didnt even nod. And he didnt look at me so there was no chance that I can see how he read my body langauge or anything. But somehow he knew. And he knew I was in trouble. And he did tell me my future. And some of it was right and some wrong. Or at least not yet anyway.

At the time I was desperate. There was no Wikivorce back in 2006 so I was on my own. Dealing with this on my own. So I guess I just needed someone to tell me it was going to be alright. And he did. And it is alright so on that score he was right. But I dont think anyone needs to be a medium to say that. As most of the time, we are alright after this.

But even if he was a fake and he looked up my parents or asked say my sister about me, it did the trick. Stopped me drinking and sitting in front of Diazipam and wanting to off myself all the time. So for that, I am greatful for what he did to me and I can say it was probably the best 40 quid I ever spent.

Hopefully u can understand my thought process not just the ramblings of some mad welsh woman.

I understand you perfectly. And you maybe welsh but I doubt if you are mad. Ok perhaps a little. We all are and it helps ;)

But I get comfort from knowing that my mum and dad and brother are there. Helping me. Guiding me. Working in the background for me. Even if its not true. It still helps. But I do believe it is true. I believe there is an afterlife of some kind. And I believe that one fine day, we will all be reunited. My mum and dad and my bro and of course me.

Cymru am byth and Hwyl. C.

  • afonleas
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08 Jun 12 #335668 by afonleas
Reply from afonleas

Yet again such wise words that endeavour
me to dig into the old grey matter,and find
you are correct yet again.

We cannot explain many things yet they still occur on a daily basis sometimes for the good but sometimes for the bad.

I am totally and utterly convinced as you are, that i will see my mam and dad again and when i''m gone be there for my girls at the end of their lives i relly don''t know how this will pan out,just know i will.

I would really appreciate if you could PM this guys name so that i could possibly see him, diolch

I also feel that my loved ones are beside me and supporting me at my lowest times which are now getting fewer and fewer thankfully.

Diolch mr marsh


luv and cwtchs .........afon xx

  • redwine47
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15 Jun 12 #337006 by redwine47
Reply from redwine47
Afon & Marshy.....I''m not sure if I''m ready to go down that route just yet. Can''t even look at photos a the moment find it upsetting. Maybe in the future, although its worth thinking about.

Thanks xxxx

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