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Sleep needed - any ideas please.

  • elizadoolittle
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  • Platinum Member
30 Aug 13 #405921 by elizadoolittle
Reply from elizadoolittle
Don''t know whether it''s just that after 9 months I HAVE to sleep a bit more, but I have increased now to two or three hours a night which is a huge improvement. And I now do two things which might have helped:

L-theanine as recommended by another wiki, and

Sleep easily - a free app which has a soothing recording. I have literally dozens of these, but this one is better than the rest at least it is for me.

In addition if I know I don''t have to get up in the morning I sometimes take a pill that I bought from Amazon, it''s by Kirkland (=Costco brand) and called Sleep Aid, active ingredient Doxylamine Succinate. It works for me better than all the sleeping pills my GP prescribed. Doesn''t stop me waking in the night but it does help me to nod off again. I then feel groggy though in the morning.

Good luck all!

  • Vastra1
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31 Aug 13 #405933 by Vastra1
Reply from Vastra1
Here are the non-medication tips our Sleep clinic at hospital gives out (and I have found helpful): morning exercise, the more vigorous the better. Even a quick walk in the morning is good. Sunshine on your face in the morning - with no sunglasses, which reinforces your circadian rhythm and can help make you sleepier at night.
No napping, however tempting it is... and no caffeine after midday, as it hangs around for 12 hours in your body.
Keep bed for sleep, so no prolonged reading or watching TV in bed. No miracle cures, but even if they help a little it can be worth trying

  • A_O
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  • User is blocked
31 Aug 13 #405934 by A_O
Reply from A_O
On the positive side, getting up at 5 am is quite a good thing, I get up at 5:30 most days and find I can get lots done at that time of the morn because it is so quiet. My son resides with me alternate weeks, so when he is with me I can get everything sorted for him before he gets up at 7.
I think exercise is a good aid to sleep. Running, cycling or swimming during the day are all good for fitness and wellbeing, if you feel better about yourself sleep comes easier.
Best wishes.

  • funtimes
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  • Junior Member
31 Aug 13 #405938 by funtimes
Reply from funtimes

Oh the sleepless nights!!

I put on a DVD I''ve seen a million times so I don''t need to concentrate, It''s just there for something to look at and seems to stop my mind in it''s tracks. It works for me both with getting to sleep and if/when I wake in the night which, thankfully, I do less these days. Not ''live'' TV though, that has the opposite effect. But I never sleep past 6 regardless of what day it is or how long I''ve been asleep!! It''s great in the summer, not so much when it''s cold and dark. Though there''s something very satisfying about the washer on and back in bed with a brew when you don''t have to get up for work.

I''ve often wonder if he''s lost any sleep. Probably not.

Good luck with finding a solution.

F x

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