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The four basic steps to reaching an agreement on divorce finances are: disclosure, getting advice, negotiating and implementing a Consent Order.

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A Consent Order is a legally binding document that finalises a divorcing couple's agreement on property, pensions and other assets.

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Information for New Members

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03 Jan 16 #471515 by rubytuesday
Topic started by rubytuesday
As we have a lot of new members on site, I thought some information about Wikivorce, and using Wikivorce would be appropriate.

We currently help people in 1 in 3 of all UK divorces - that''s a lot of people helped each year, around 50,000 - and doesn''t include those that don''t register but can still access our information.

Wikivorce does not give legal or professional advice anywhere on the site or helplines, all our contributors give their time freely to assist others based on their own experiences and learning of family law. When asking for advice, it is up to the poster asking the question whether or not they wish to take heed of the advice/guidance given to them.

Our ethos is simple - We are a support site, and all our members deserve respect and support. If you find that you are unable to post supportively, or in a helpful of constructive manner, then we would ask that you step back from that thread and refrain from posting on it.

Wikivorce is a unique community and resource, it is all provided for free, there are no membership fees, no fees for downloading forms/documents.

Wikivorce is run by volunteers, who give an inordinate amount of their own time to ensure that Wikivorce runs smoothly and is a safe and supportive site for all our members. It is not possible for our team to read each and every post that appears on the forum, so if you have any concerns at all about either a post or a poster, then please use the "report this post/user" button, which is found at the left of the post, under the member''s forum profile. We take all user reports seriously and give each one our full attention.

The forum is the place for asking questions and seeking information about anything divorce/separation/relationship-breakdown related. I would suggest you all have a look at this post - Resources for Litigants in Person and New members as it contains many useful Wikivorce articles/guides and other resources.

We do not allow adverts of any description, or the naming of professionals on our forum. For those who are new to posting on a public forum, sometimes the more robust advice given by our members may cause you upset, again use the report button if anything is posted on your thread that you find unhelpful/upsetting. Its also worthwhile bearing in mind that often the advice we need to hear isn''t always the advice we want to hear. Please think carefully about what information you provide in a post – while some areas of Wikivorce can only be accessed by registered members, our forum and blogging area re open to the public and can be read by anyone. Please do not post your full real name, the town in which you live, your children’s’ names, school, etc. Wikivorce reserve the right to remove such information without prior notice or discussion, for the protection of the members themselves.

Please refrain from posting personal and direct messages to individual members on the forum – the appropriate method of communication to use is our private messaging facility. The chat-room is the place to “speak” with others who are going through separation/divorce – whether that’s general chat about how your day has been, or for getting real-time support from others. The chat-rooms are open 24 hours a day,. 7 days a week and can only be accessed by registered members.

Blogging – this area is reserved for personal blogs only ; Wikivorce does not permit adverts or blogs of an advertorial nature – any such blogs appearing will be removed immediately.

Wikivorce is an all-inclusive site, for everyone affected by family break-up - this means that our members are able to give a wide range of views, thoughts, shared experiences and perspectives. Often it is it hearing differing perspectives and thoughts that can make a real difference to how an individual deals with their own situation Not everyone''s views/experiences will mirror your own, and it''s important that, providing a differing opinion is posted within our ethos, that the other person''s opinion is respected in turn.

Our Terms and Conditions can be viewed by clicking here and our site policies by clicking here
For the history of Wikivorce over the last 7 years, click here to read more.

Family break-up/separation/divorce is an extremely traumatic and emotional time for all who are involved, and Wikivorce aim to ease that trauma by providing free support, advice and information for anyone who may need that.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to raise any concerns or issues, or have suggestions on how to improve Wikivorce.

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