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  • sueroby
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27 Feb 17 #489400 by sueroby
Topic started by sueroby
I asked my husband to leave after his behavior towards me and our 2 girls became intolerable.
He was shouting all the time, never happy and became very angry quickly. We stopped talking to each other, he was disappearing a lot and not saying where he was going. If I walked in to a room and he was on his phone or computer, he would close the page or put it down.He's been gone a month now and we have had no contact. He has spoken to my daughter saying mum will have to pay the bills , see how long she lasts before she looses the house. In one way I'm glad he has gone. We have been together for over 22 years, i'm in the house still , going stir crazy. I think there is obviously someone else. His parents didn't even send a card for my birthday? Now I'm not sure what I need to do. Do I start divorce proceeding, put my house up for sale or just wait?

  • dukey
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28 Feb 17 #489459 by dukey
Reply from dukey
Its a personal choice, have you considered some counselling?, relate seem to be very good, or perhaps mediation?.

In terms of selling the home, you can`t if you both own it, even if you could its never wise until you both agree to to divide the money.

With divorce its usually best to take time and make considered decisions, act in haste repent at leisure as the saying goes.

  • sueroby
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28 Feb 17 #489470 by sueroby
Reply from sueroby
Thank you for your advice. We have not spoken in 4 weeks. Had no contact since he left, only what he is saying to my daughter when she see's him (He is saying I will loose house etc). I am missing him, still crying a lot. I am not sure if he has someone else, but I had that gut feeling because he was disappearing a lot and his behavior towards us before I threw him out.
Its hard to hold it together, currently in an awful state, don't want to go to work or college in a nutshell very low. Can't see marriage counseling as an option. All I can see is loss at the moment, I am hoping time will heal. I am not going to sit here in this house festering. That's why I am considering a fresh start. New Job, moving as far away as possible.

  • Clawed
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28 Feb 17 #489478 by Clawed
Reply from Clawed
Don't do anything in haste but there's no harm in reading through posts here and getting your head around the process of divorce. I found that concentrating on the practical helped me and I filed for divorce very quickly after my Ex told me he didn't want to be a couple any more (code for there's someone else as it turned out).
My first plan was to take my few precious processions and move into a tiny rented house to hide and recuperate but now I live happily in the FMH which belongs entirely to me and I'm so glad I didn't follow my first instincts.
Knowledge is power and finding Wikivorce may be the best thing to happen to you so far, there are so many stories to inspire, hang in there and ask questions, all will be well.

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