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3 years 5 months ago #491127 by polar
A WARNING TO SINGLE LADIES was created by polar
Recently my daughter exited a roundabout and ran straight into the back of a car that had jammed its brakes on for no reason.
Of course the law favours the driver in front.

My daughter was sure that she was in the right and started investigating.

Within a week she had found EIGHT almost identical scenarios in the same one mile stretch.

Were the police interested in my daughters case . NO

So we hit the newspapers.

My daughter had the foresight to photograph the other car and got a picture of the driver.

It seems that others are identifying him as a passenger or driver but the cars were different .(mostly old bangers)

All the targets were single women or women with a baby on board.

The insurance investigation teams have now taken this up due to my daughters actions but that still leaves her £350 out, a week of inconvenience and the no claims bonus in jeopardy.

The week run of accidents culminated in a tractor hitting a car due to the erratic behavior of one of these cash for crash people who then rapidly drove off leaving the air ambulance to mop up the mess.

(all incidents were on a one mile stretch of road near Rugby by the way).

Do not get out of the car but phone police on 999 and lock your doors.
Say you are hurt as police will not attend if there are no injuries.
Switch the phone to camera and get as many secret photos as you can...ie pretend to phone but press video.
Use social media to see if others are experiencing the same.

Of course not all rear end shunts are deliberate and accidents do happen but the targeting of single women is easy pickings for these criminals.

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3 years 5 months ago #491128 by Bubblegum11
Replied by Bubblegum11 on topic Re:A WARNING TO SINGLE LADIES
Thanks for sharing Polar.

I would also add...

* If parked in a car park and there is a large vehicle/van parked very close to your drivers side and there are several other empty spaces around - be cautious. Ask someone to walk you to your car, or ring a friend and make them aware of the reg plate and location and stay on the phone until you are safely in your car, enter your car through the passenger side and lock your doors.

* If you are signalled by an undercover police car to pull over (at night or in remote location) for no apparent reason, keep driving towards your nearest police station or populated area, call the police and give them the registration to authenticate the vehicle's identity. I think it's also wise to do this if you think someone has bumped your car deliberately, it may not be safe to exit the car to inspect the damage.

**If in doubt, lock em out! Dial 999**

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