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another reconciliation that didn''t work!

  • downhearted
  • downhearted's Avatar Posted by
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  • Junior Member
21 Jul 12 #344531 by downhearted
Reply from downhearted
Hi to everybody and thanks for the replies, its such a shame that we all have to be here but what a fantastic site where we can all reach out, help and support each other.
This is were i shall be coming as often as possible, i''m hoping the wikivorce community will give me the strength to get through this and I will do my best to help others along the way.
We''ve been back together for 2 and 1/2 years, the other woman is a new relationship for him, he tried to deny it but he knew he''d been rumbled when i mentioned her name, he''d been sneaking around behind my back for 2/3 weeks so i guess i found out quiet early.
i''ve already been to the doctors and got some ad''s.
I want to talk....need to talk, just want the pain to stop :(
Thank you to you all and if anyone else want to talk, i''m a good listener too...(((hugs))) to you all xx

  • leftwondering
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
21 Jul 12 #344536 by leftwondering
Reply from leftwondering
Hi downhearted,
That''s a long time to get back together again.
Enough time to feel safe and that the past was truly in the past.
It must be devastating for you.
What a b***ard he is.

Do you have any kids?
I take it you never re-married, but were just living as partners, so there won''t be any joint accounts etc?

Have you made any contact since?
So how do YOU feel about it?
Are you definitely finished with him or do you feel you would still take him back?
You know that if you do, you will be repeating this situation again in a year or two in all probability.

Why don''t you drop into chat later on tonight, there are good women there who have recently been dealt the dirty by their trusted husbands so you will have a lot in common.

take care,


  • downhearted
  • downhearted's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
21 Jul 12 #344560 by downhearted
Reply from downhearted
Yes it is a long time and we had plans for the future, all seemed to be going so well.
We have 2 grown up children, son 18 and daughter 20. My son was so upset as he overheard the telephone conversation between us and heard his dad admit to seeing someone else.
No joint accounts.
I''m devastated, i never dreamed he would do this again, and to think i apologised for anything I may have done to make him so moody of late, how stupid am I!
Back to square one, sobbing, feeling sick, can''t sleep, completely lost my appetite :(
I would give anything for this not to have happened but it has and I cant keep going through this pain, I think its time to just give up.
This is making me ill.
He turned up at the house today asking to talk but I just asked him to leave which he did rather sharply, says it all really!
Hes still with her.
Thanks for reading my posts xx

  • Hacked Off
  • Hacked Off's Avatar
  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
21 Jul 12 #344581 by Hacked Off
Reply from Hacked Off
Hi Downhearted, I''m guessing but it wouldnt surprise me if, at some time in the future, he creeps back again. Do you know how long he has been with this new OW?
At least you have achieved something in that you have finally found out his true character.
Stay strong and dont get sucked into this relationship again if you can possibly help it.

  • freefalling
  • freefalling's Avatar
  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
22 Jul 12 #344599 by freefalling
Reply from freefalling
Hi Downhearted,

Your story resonated with me sooo much only I didn''t know about his cheating ways. We split up then reconciled and about a year and half later I find out about his extra marital activities. I understand where you''re coming from....very hard to take.

You gave it your best shot and you deserve more than he gave you. You can''t look back now and say that you didn''t do all you could to save your marriage. I too felt foolish for being so gullible but sometimes our hearts overrule our brains. Don''t give up!!! You got through it the first time and you will again!! Mark''s right...the best revenge is to take charge of your life and work towards making it a happy one.... that much you have control over.

Stay strong....don''t let this low life destroy you...

PM me anytime and use this site for support....people here are amazing.


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