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1 year 2 weeks ago #509592 by Janwyn60
Hello was created by Janwyn60
Hi my name is Jayne and in process of divorce which is making me mentally and emotionally broken. I was with my husband 30yrs 10 cohabiting and 2weeks off of 20yrs married. It was a marriage that was violent and I was the victim....I lost count of how many times he hit me,how many affairs he had...they say love is blind and I was blinded ...him 12yrs my junior and 3 children now all over 20yrs...he drank,he used cocaine,and abused me but I hung in there until 8yrs ago he told me he had been with a man...I was gobsmacked !!!....but I overlooked it and tried to deal with it although I struggled ...then one day we rowed outside our local shop because he was drunk again ...he went home and I followed after half hour ..when I walked in he put a knife to my throat and head butted me in front of my then 12 year old youngest son ...he was arrested and it went to crown court....I couldn't bear it and got back with him after he charmed me before sentencing and he got off with a 2 yr suspended sentence and probation for 2 years plus a management course for men that abused their partners....you think he would have changed after that but after all the promises they all went within a year and he was back on thebooze and drugs again. So back into the old routine again...and all the while the gay affair was eating away at me until the final straw came in sept 2017 when he was caught drink driving .....he lost his licence his job and again he said he would change ....it was the biggest decision I had ever made so after the Christmas I told him I wanted him out for good...he was broken but I stuck by my guns and he left in the April and moved into a flat on his own...he still wanted to see me and date me again so I gave it a go but by my birthday in august I'd had enough...I wanted out for good and I knew deep down he would show his true colours and I was right within 7 days he was with a woman who he said he loved wanted her to have his children etc etc but it only lasted 2 weeks ..she saw through him and ended it ...then 3 weeks later he got with his current woman who he got engaged to 3 weeks later....and incidently she found out that he was still in touch with the previous one so maybe that's why he got engaged quick..who knows but he may claim he is a changed man but I think at the moment he's on his honeymoon and he will be an arse to her to...leopards never change their spots but if he is changed for the better then good luck to them....I'm not in his life anymore and never will speak to him again either .....He is not worthy of my friendship .....
So just a brief history of what led to my divorce.....

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