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1234 I declare thumb wars.

  • hawaythelads
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08 Apr 11 #262089 by hawaythelads
Topic started by hawaythelads
Well it's been quite a while since me and the harridan have had a little text spat.I generally keep my replies to ok.Whether i agree or not generally the standard answer is ok and then i do what I think anyways.
This morning however being that her text message was the first thing that I had to deal with my "OK" policy slipped
Just a bit of background the harridan slept with another bloke moved a 2nd one in within 3 months of me leaving and I paid her £300k as a reward.I also pay her the cm at £400 a month despite having been on jsa for the past 5 months coz I look at that as for the kids.She's never declared the other fella living there in 4 years so picks up all the working tax credits fraudulently he owns his own business.Social activities include numerous holidays leaving the kids home alone on a nightly basis to patronise the local boozer and a bmw convertible has just rolled up on the drive of the free house I provided because it's sunny.
Lately she has taken to thinking that the credit crunch and austerity measures means start tapping muggins up for extras for the kids because she's so hard up,although patently not.
So heres the text messages.

07.53 Harridan
Would you be able to give euros for daughters spends on her trip to tenerife.Also son wants some shorts from Top Man.I don't expect him to pay for his own clothes I will pay half.

08.03Me OK
Well done you stuck to the ok plan

OH NO I DIDN'T :blink:

08.17 me (after dwelling on it that she only ever has her hand out on this guilt trip their your kids)

Re the extra money.
Just so you are aware of my position.
The £280k house equity, the car, all the contents and £4800 cm a year over 12 years out of the £90k I received is enough providing for my kids.
My rent is £10000 per annum plus the bills.
I also cover all the costs of looking after the kids every other weekend.
I get no benefits that you claim and am not a two income household either - I don't comment on your social spending at the Greyhound pub but have to make clear that there is no extra money. And that you should be seriously considering cutting back on the social rather than looking for more from me especially as your affair with MR XX was your choice and meant I don't get to live with my kids that's how I feel when you ask for extra.

08.36 Harridan
Well that's quite sad you can't move on and can't think of your kids. Especially your daughter!!

08.40 me
I do think of my kids every time I don't dob you and bazza in for benefit fraud you commit.Be careful gal being condescendingly flippant to me to cover your attrocious behaviour.

08.51 Harridan
Don't have time for silly txt arguments.On my way to work.Was only asking for a poultry (two chickens should cover it then)amount as daughter would of been in your care that weekend.If u want to be that pathetic, think finances should be reviewed all my costs for the children have increased and my income has gone down.

09.07 Me ( had to be the last word merchant for once)
That will save me a few Bob Crack on.

I just can't fecking stand the woman.
She is so fecking greedy and lies all the time.She knows no shame.At all.

So fellow wikis just smile reading this and think things ain't that bad I could be that pair ;)

All the best
Pete xx

  • Triste en France
  • Triste en France's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 11 #262091 by Triste en France
Reply from Triste en France
Not nice, I grant you.

Puts my situation into perspective, where I have zero contact and nowt but silence from the other half. Maybe that's preferable to a continual war of words (we had some of that by E mail in the early days, but the E mails dried up, thankfully).

The nastiness becomes like a rot, eventually.


  • ditchedagain11
  • ditchedagain11's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 11 #262092 by ditchedagain11
Reply from ditchedagain11
Ah Pete, shes identical to my ex mate for certain. I wont bang on but mine does the same thing, claiming every benefit, bf living in FMH, buggered and shafted me totally, and committing all levels of fraud. I live in a box room, while shes in a 250k house living it up...New Car on drive last week, and she hasnt worked since 2007..Grrrr
Shall we hit the pub for a Pimms or just get trashed?

Take it easy pal

  • julie321
  • julie321's Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 11 #262093 by julie321
Reply from julie321
My stbx and his OH do the same Pete. She is claiing all the benefits she can at least 600 a month in tax credits and he says he doesn't live there.

We don't have contact anymore though so not in as bad a position as you.

  • Marshy_
  • Marshy_'s Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 11 #262119 by Marshy_
Reply from Marshy_
Glad I dont have contact with the ex. I dont have to wake upto begging text's. My ex (when we did speak years ago) would be realy nice to me when she wanted something. But I knew what she was like and I didnt give a feck and I just said NO, call end.

Problem for you Pete is that U have to contact her.

U could have just replied OK NO lol. I know its 4 letters with a space. So that does actualy mean that its more than 100% increase in thumb joint ware thus making the need for pain relief lol.

I think you could have also said, OK Jog on. Lol. But thats way to much info.

What is it about wayword ex's and scamming? My ex is claiming DLA and gets a new car every 3 years and about 800PM + what ever else she can scam. I would love to dob her in but I am not a grass. I did like the news that they are reviewing all people that claim DLA and I hope and pray that they twig that there is nothing wrong with her that a days work wont fix. I live in hope.... C.

  • ldg
  • ldg's Avatar
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  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 11 #262121 by ldg
Reply from ldg
Oh Pete,

Where is her dignity? I admire the way you deal with her and your whole attitude. I hope your children are not influenced by her - you sound like a god dad.

  • Paul.
  • Paul.'s Avatar
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
08 Apr 11 #262122 by Paul.
Reply from Paul.
Bad luck Pete.
Its the bitterness thats left in your mouth after the split that's the hard bit to deal with.
Feck her, and the horse she rode in on.
You're right though, I don't envy you at all.
Mine earns £8.5k net per month. Thats right, £8.5k net
She's still aiming for all the house as well as getting £500 per month off me, that she blatantly doesn't need.

Kharma will level the playing field one day Fella.

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