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You couldn't make these up..

  • rubytuesday
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12 Jul 11 #277551 by rubytuesday
Topic started by rubytuesday
Below are some examples of some of the most unusual/craziest property/assets that people have fought over during divorce cases - as told by solicitors.

What makes them even more bizarre, is that they all genuinely happened :blink:

" Homey the dog. We set up a custody and visitation schedule just as if it were a child."

" I think the strangest thing would be rose bushes and bonsai trees. The funniest thing was that my client said she was welcome to the rose bushes - the snow had killed them off in any event!"

" A dinner service of 'sentimental' value....by a well known pottery firm. I did explain it would be cheaper to buy another set than to fight over the old one....The commercial viewppoint was taken when my Interim Bill was delivered. Eventually the parties were able to agree a sensible schedule of items they would each keep from the marital assets. Alls well that ends well."

"One of two bunk beds. Mom got primary custody and wanted to keep the boys' bunk beds. Dad wanted to split the set, saying it was only fair that he got one, then they each would have to buy one. Both attorneys tried to explain that it would cost more to litigate the issue than for one to give in (that was the ONLY thing not settled), but Dad was adamant. Finally Dad's lawyer gave him an extra bed he had in his storage shed."

"Toss up between the ashes and dog collar of the parties' beloved pet or the two remaining hubcaps and box of cloths my client left at the martial residence. Not sure which couple wasted more on legal fees fighting"

"Christening Gown: I was the guardian for two children, and the last remaining issue was a christening gown. Each parent claimed it was their premarital property not subject to division by the court. Both extended families were overly invested in the outcome and each side produced old (20-60 years old) family photos of the alleged gown. The trial over that issue took two days. You cannot make this stuff up."

" I believe it was a guns and roses cd that didn't work. Apparently it had some setimental value to both parties! The resolution was one of the parties father's gave the husband a current copy of their greatest hits!

I have also had a box of one client's winter clothes left for me by his wife in the recption area of the office! Some things are simply not worth arguing about!"

"A weed whacker."

" A black sweater. Each insisted it was theirs, and on the day property was to be divided, each made several calls to their lawyers, demanding intervention. Neither cared about the fees being racked up. In her 4th call to me that day, my client told me I'd be so proud of her, because she'd given up the black sweater. Two weeks later, she called, weeping: he'd given the black sweater away."

" A $400.00 television that barely worked. In the end, I took $400.00 off my bill to end it"

"6 giant concrete Buddhas doubling up as water fountains (only 3 fully functioning)."

" A crypt"

" I had a couple fighting more over their dog than their 15-year-old son. A little while before I came to my firm, though, one of the partners did a Separation Agreement where Wife got the entire marital estate except for one thing. Drumroll, please...a little bitty pair of black panties. That's all Husband wanted."

" a camera, a lawnmower, a trailer, old bottles with no monetary value, and some sort of honey pot!"


  • dukey
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12 Jul 11 #277566 by dukey
Reply from dukey
Ill play.

This from a lady i know, not on wiki.

A washing machine, she owed it before they married, so how old was it, well its was 18 years old :woohoo:and the total cost of letters send claiming ownership £450+ vat.

This lady and gent had assets close to a million quid, its a mad world in which we live.

  • divorcementor
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10 Aug 11 #282147 by divorcementor
Reply from divorcementor
that was wierd..ahahaah!

  • Forseti
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10 Aug 11 #282161 by Forseti
Reply from Forseti
When things were particularly bad between us (we're amicable now) I received a letter from my ex demanding the return of a pack of (dried-out) felt-tip pens.

  • MrsMathsisfun
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10 Aug 11 #282178 by MrsMathsisfun
Reply from MrsMathsisfun
My friend was taken to court by her ex over a television.

He wanted the telly, she said he could have it if he could provide one for the children. (they only had the one telly).

It went to court, the judge wasn't impressed and both the (legal aid funded) solicitors got a right telling off for not sorting the problem out sooner.

ps Friend got the telly as judge said 'the needs of the children came first''

  • Emma6607
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10 Aug 11 #282188 by Emma6607
Reply from Emma6607
My Solicitor received an email from my now Ex accompanied by 5 photographs of a DVD box which was described as a collector's item (it wasn't) but that bore "significant" damage and he wouldn't proceed with the Consent Order until I replaced it with one in perfect condition.

Fortunately I grew a spine and told him to jog on.

  • dukey
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10 Aug 11 #282191 by dukey
Reply from dukey
I`m quite depressed now, see i thought i would win hands down with the old washer but now we have felt tip pens an old telly and a DVD :(

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