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Why succession to the throne should be men first!

  • Varinia
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20 Apr 12 #325410 by Varinia
Reply from Varinia
Dear Leader of Life,
one little thing of advice from the not so clever female.

Be very weary in life if a women says "she will walk behind and follow you"
9 OUT 10 the reason would be "to shove her hand up your anal and wear you like a puppet!!!!"
sorry if anyone is offended

  • hawaythelads
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20 Apr 12 #325443 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
That''s a lovely offer Dear but I don''t think I''m up to it after all them chores.I can feel a headache coming on:blink:

All the best
His Royal Hawayness
(You know I''m always right)

  • dukey
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21 Apr 12 #325471 by dukey
Reply from dukey
With a heavy heart and a tear gently falling i must dispel many of the readers conceptions of HRH.

He is not the hard drinking fag smoking lard sarni eating ruler with the iron fist he would have us believe.

His real name is Cedric Bartholomew the sensitive.

He listens to radio 4

He is a veterinarian

He subscribes to slimmers monthly

He calls his mother every day

He donates 25% of his wage to an Emu sanctuary

He recycles

He helps old ladies cross roads and do the shopping

He is a considerate lover, he never thinks of his own desire first (i was going to write something else but the mods would kick my botty until my ears fell off)

Yes my friends as you read this HRH is making breakfast for his significant other while thinking what scented candles to use while running her bath, after that its his favorite waltons DVD while he does the ironing for his neighbors, and Saturday night is of course volunteer at the soup kitchen night.

I understand many of you will be shattered depressed even feel cheated, all is not lost my friends, HRH is also a most excellent counselor.

Pete i know you will never be able to thank me for this, and please wipe away those tears of joy, all i ask in return is you knit me one of those jumpers you make for the homeless, with a gold star on the front.

  • epitome title
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21 Apr 12 #325481 by epitome title
Reply from epitome title
Ha ha Dukey - I knew HRH was really a veggie tree hugger (sorry if I have offended any veggies or tree hugggers);)

You sound like a prize catch HRH and I hope the non wife appreciates you


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