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Another request for money!!

  • hawaythelads
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29 Jun 12 #339805 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
Well yesterday morning bright and early the ex harridan was so desperate for the £350 off me the text messages started again at 9.00 am.

Harridan to me

Received: 28 Jun 2012 09.02
Just to let you know .
Did email you the receipt for the deposit for the school trip.
Its gone beyond whether you choose to pay towards it or not.Daughter is upset that you won''t openly pay towards it a contribution of any kind. It can go directly to the school . This isn''t about me. Why would I want to keep receiving abusive txts from you for £350 ! She knows you paid towards sons trip it is not very nice to her . I don''t wish to inflame the situation any more , try and be adult about this and discuss it sensibly!!

Me to harridan
Sent: 28 Jun 2012 09:18

I don''t know why you have involved daughter in any of this your default answer is if your dad pays half completely unnecessary to even say that to her.You fail to acknowledge or have any respect for the fact that I have already provided you with £290 k so the kids were financially secure and a further £30 k in maintenance. Yet your greed for another £360 has meant you tell the kid before even conferring with me if he pays half or you can''t go. You are out of order that you manipulate that position every time.

Harridan to me
Received: 28 Jun 2012 09:22
More abuse txts will be keeping these! if you want to pay towards it . Let me know . a straight answer without a your rambling facts and figures would be appreciated


So it must have been Rumplestiltskinning it for the next 3 hours because at 12.08 I get this one from it

Received: 28 Jun 2012 12:08

I have not had a adult and sensible reply from you
In summary...
Daughter is going on the school trip . Deposit paid by me and reciept emailed to you.
A requested by me to help with an additional on off expense for ur daughter
If no contribution what so ever is made by you then other means of paying for it will be looked into.
Last resort daughter has offered to contribute out of her own money as the trip is more expensive than her siblings trip .
please be reminded that you have no right to comment on what I do in my spare time without sufficient evidence!!

So following no reply from me she follows up with this one.
Now this text to put it into context was sent to her after hearing my 14 year old son had pawned an 6 month old camera that had cost me £120 for £25 in a pawn shop.I was a tad annoyed at the time.She has edited it to make it look as if it''s about refusing money.:blink:

Ex harridan to me
Received: 28 Jun 2012 12:23

These are further of the abusive txts you choose to send me . Every time I have to correspond with the regarding the children . You have no right to behave like this to me or anyone else

Dated march 2012

"About 120 tell him from me had about enough of getting ripped off all the away around from this fecking degenerate scenario including you and the the £300k divorce so I''m out of it all together from here on out coz I have allowed myself to be taken for a right mug all ways round you and them had better crack on!"

Me to ex harridan
Sent: 28 Jun 2012 13:10

Nice text edit shame you deleted the part about the camera being pawned for £25 when I paid about £120 don''t keep harassing me we are divorced I have always overpaid on the csa guidelines and continue to do so by £100 per month.

Ex harridan to me

Received: 28 Jun 2012 14:45
learn to be a civilised human being . If you can''t act like a mature adult . that''s too much to ask I guess

Me to ex harridan
Sent: 28 Jun 2012 15:43

Coming from an adulteror I will treat that opinion with the contempt it deserves

Ex harridan to me
Received: 28 Jun 2012 16:04

I suggest you stop sending abusive txts, i am busy at work . Third request. Do not contact me again

Proof positive that as well as being completely oblivious to all her moral and behavioural shortcomings she is also oblivious to who keeps initiating text contact.
I never phone this woman.I never text her.I never email her.
The only time I ever hear from her is when she tries to extract money or her bonkers behaviour has caused another load of trouble with the kids.
Also to me I haven''t been abusive in any of them texts whereas I''ve been subjected to being called a bad Dad ,I bully my daughter,abusive,don''t provide.And some thinly veiled threat of contacting the police due to harrasment.
When she''s the one who kept texting me.

So that was 2 days of every trick in the book to try and extract £350.

All the best
HRH xx

  • scaryspice
  • scaryspice's Avatar
  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
29 Jun 12 #339807 by scaryspice
Reply from scaryspice
''Coming from an adulteror I will treat that opinion with the contempt it deserves .''

I love that quote and will save it for my use in the future if I may .
Just spell check - adulterer !!!

  • sillywoman
  • sillywoman's Avatar
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29 Jun 12 #339811 by sillywoman
Reply from sillywoman
Pete, I have a friend (used to be on here) whose wife divorced him for another man. She got the lions share (although there was quite alot of money in the pot) she continues to live in the 6 bedroomed farmhouse, he has a new build 2 bed. She continues to work part time and has moved the bloke in.

My friend pays csa for 2 kids and pays extra. She continues to harass for money and when the csa payment ended for one of the children who was working full time but continued to live with the mother, his ex wife text him calling him every name in the world for not continuing to "support"!

As it turns out the second child now lives with the father 2 weeks out of four and as the boy is 17 it is his choice and so csa has gone down again. And more abuse from ex.

She left him for gods sake!

  • hawaythelads
  • hawaythelads's Avatar Posted by
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29 Jun 12 #339817 by hawaythelads
Reply from hawaythelads
I''m in the same position Sillywoman.
The ex harridan announced she wanted a divorce the same day I came home and told her we were shutting down the family business.
She carried out a sustained campaign of abuse to force me out over the next 5 months ending in the holiday from hell.
I agreed to a trial seperation as the atmosphere around the kids was hellish and the minute I was out the house the drawbridge went up.
Subsequently 2 months later I found reams of emails and she had been having an affair for years with a work colleague.
She actually was shxgging him at 9 am on one morning when we had a marriage guidance appointment at 10 am.
I left (forced out actually is more correct) in sept 06 by Jan 07 she moved Bazza into the family home( he was a hurried replacement for affair bloke who binned her after I left)
I never cheated ever in 14 years,I used to sit at home with the kids when she was out shxgging.I gave up 75% of all marital assets that I earnt every penny so the kids lives weren''t disrupted.And the greedy xxxx stillwants to insult me.
That''s why she is the harridan.
All the best

  • stepper
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  • Platinum Member
29 Jun 12 #339819 by stepper
Reply from stepper
Once a harridan always a harridan Pete ;)

  • afonleas
  • afonleas's Avatar
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  • Platinum Member
29 Jun 12 #339823 by afonleas
Reply from afonleas
Hey Pete,
Harridan must think you are her own personel
Bank of England!!!

Worse case sceneiro,all this texting malarky!!!!

She might want you again
Heaven forbid!!!;)

.............afon xx

  • sillywoman
  • sillywoman's Avatar
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29 Jun 12 #339831 by sillywoman
Reply from sillywoman
Yep, same as my friend, he left the house for a "trial separation" - they went on dates and then one day he turned up unannounced at the marital home and she had a bloke there!

She assumed all would remain the same! He was living in a rental flat at the time. She expected him to continue living in the rental flat whilst she lived in the farmhouse with her bloke for life!

There was a very tiny mortgage on the house, the guy worked hard to make sure the family got what the wife wanted, huge house, 4 horses etc. etc.

He actually became ill shortly before the "trial separation" and income reduced from 150,000 per annum to about 80,000 per annum, so yep all sounds the same.

Actually, my friend says that because throughout the marriage he provided whatever she wanted she still expects the same.

My advice: pay CSA ONLY. Any extra, YOU use to treat the kids the way YOU choose.

My ex pays basic CSA for our youngest, doesnt see any of them (his choice) and when one phoned a couple of years ago for £40 cos her student loan went into her account late - he said no, so none have asked for anything, apart from youngest who asked for help towards her prom, arranged a meetinng, but he said he only had £3.

This is a man with a pension, full time job and lives more or less free in a caravan with girlfriend, but drives a brand new BM.

It seems as though it is the person with the lack of morals that uses money as a "tool" as in your ex and my ex.

You are a good man Pete, don''t let her badger you. She simply isnt worth it.

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