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Another request for money!!

  • WhiteRose
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29 Jun 12 #339839 by WhiteRose
Reply from WhiteRose
Aw come on Pete, your expectation that she may be satisfied with all she''s achieved financially so far; after taking all you''ve got, is perhaps a bit too much.:P

After all - if she has to shell out the full £710.00 thats around 18 trips to the pub or a weekend or two away that she may have to do without :(Why should she, when she can lay it on you to pay half? Its a bit rich for you to be trying to make ends meet after the financial settlement where she got the lions share (how dare you!) - her spare cash (that she is enabled to have ''spare cash'' because of the financial settlement) is for her! :P

Its a bit much to think she may be grateful you pay £100 pm more than CSA recommendations!

No, sadly until she has the shirt off your back you''ll be having these requests laced with guilt and emotional blackmail.

Maybe you should send her the shirt off your back with the note saying - ''There, now you have everything''

Its good you have this relationship with your daughter, however it seems your ex is involving her unnecessarily.

I do disagree with parents who say the child(ren) can do an activity, commit to it, then, without consultation to the other parent, expect a significant contribution or 50% to be paid out (and then say to the children - you can not go because X will not pay)

The key thing is not whether to pay or not to pay, its the lack of communication initially re. the trip and the guilt and blackmail used to get the money. The implications of ''abuse'' and ''bullying'' is standard I think, when one person is not getting their own way and is not happy about it.

  • asram
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  • Platinum Member
29 Jun 12 #339845 by asram
Reply from asram

As everyone agrees you are a good man, I look forward to your posts, you say it as it is, with humour and you are fair to both sides....

Do you know I wonder do people not just want ''peace''? Why the need to rant and rave when it is obvious you are being more than fair. I''m with silly, pay what you should CSA wise and use the rest to treat your kids when and how you choose.

My ex finished paying maintenance last July when our son left Sixth Form, he pro rata(tered) the last payment! Son started Uni in October, ex has refused to help him at all. Sons last birthday present from his dad was some of his old clothes!!!! I suppose son should be grateful as daughter didnt even get a card....

Hey ho!!

Asram x

  • JamesLondon
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29 Jun 12 #339847 by JamesLondon
Reply from JamesLondon
I am amazed you even reply to the texts. I stopped communicating with the ex directly 18 months ago. All comunications have to go through 3rd parties now.

I ignore all claims for money and she has to turn to her rich parents to fund her lifestyle which her own salary can no longer meet.

The letters my wife writes now are sent with solicitors papers. As a result they are all polite and nice. No more harassment and she has stopped viewing me as someone who pays for her trips abroad.

Tell your ex to only expect the CSA payments going forward.

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