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More revenge

  • elizadoolittle
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  • Platinum Member
21 Nov 13 #414309 by elizadoolittle
Topic started by elizadoolittle
Further to the bronze finger, I thought it might be interesting to exchange revenge stories, just for a laugh.

We''ve all heard of the wife who cut the sleeves off her cheating husband''s suits, but I prefer to think of the woman who instead carefully took all of her husband''s suits in by about an inch.

It''s a lot of trouble to go to I know, but it still makes me laugh. It would have been such a great one to do to my husband, who never tired of telling me how much weight he had lost after he left me, how he now ate like a bird and how he needed an entirely new wardrobe (and all of it designer labels, even though he was doing it all on credit).

Funny that! I lost about 3 stone but he never mentioned that, and I seemed to manage without buying any new clothes, just wore everything baggy, because I was not prepared to spend money we didn''t have, and was hardly in the mood for shopping.

Ah me!

  • emeraldbutterfly
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  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
22 Nov 13 #414324 by emeraldbutterfly
Reply from emeraldbutterfly
Morning Eliza,

Reading your blog I thought I''d written it myself.The story identical in every detail.Higher end retail certainly benefits from these delusional people,mine still looked the same,didn''t change over night into a rock/film star although ow and his mirror must have said differently.
I however have. On a really,really bad day please don''t look in mirror and see the havoc written there.weight loss of four stone plus and still counting(Iadmit to being cuddly before size 14 really wasnt that bad.)

Revenge:My stxb has a favourite pair of holiday trousers white in colour that had regular use.They are now in a"safe place"with from top to bottom on each leg an air vent,and some rather inventive graffiti written on them,they are also with a fav designer shirt that is covered with makeup,not mine joining these two items are various other special/meaningful things that have been shredded(book of love poetry)or redesigned in some way.
On the day of reckoning he can have this gift.
Petty,childish,vindictive and a myriad of other words I know but so much better than some of the thoughts I''ve had.
They say revenge is a dish best served cold,this package will be positively glacial.
Take care.xx:side:

  • driven40
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22 Nov 13 #414351 by driven40
Reply from driven40
Its a bit like my friend on who finding out her other half was having an affair decided to move out, on the moving out day her other half left the house and she duly moved out her things but before closing the door finally she filled all the curtain poles with frozen seafood, put dead fish behind every blocked up open fireplace and changed the yale lock on the front door. She closed the door for the final time and drove off to her new home. He has NEVER said anything about it but could you imagine the smell after a few days:woohoo:

  • CakesandFlowers
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  • Platinum Member
22 Nov 13 #414362 by CakesandFlowers
Reply from CakesandFlowers
I once read about a case where a man covered his wife''s beloved Alfa Romeo car that she had just brought brand new, with paint stripper after he found out about her affair :blush:

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