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Going Mad??

  • polar
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29 May 10 #206364 by polar
Topic started by polar
Ive had several people contact me thanking me for my comments which somehow helped them. Im not here for thanks as it should be me who is giving thanks for help given.
The same theme runs through these posts. Madness, Loneliness, Dispair,Worry. Everyone thinks they are alone in this but they are definitely not as I went through the same process before I eventually came out the other end. Here are some of my favourite sayings !!
Your confidence never went away..it only took a back seat for a while.
90% of the things you worry about will never happen so why spend energy worrying.
Just because one person thinks you are a BAS***** doesn't mean the rest of the people on the planet feel the same.
Its not a case of you losing your other half its a case of them losing you.
If they really think that wrecking your life was worthwhile let them go because they are not worth it.
If they thought the grass was greener on the other side you will snigger when it turns a muddy brown.
They will never find what they are looking for and will remain nomads searching for the one thing they lost.
Those who cheat will cheat on the next person again. Once a cheater,always a cheater.
You have to be a very good lier as the lies will be covered up with more lies until they spend all their time lieing.
Consider yourself a better person than they are and become a better person. You dont have to stoop to their level.
Save your energy and work on yourself.
Take a dispoible camera and take photos and throw them in a drawer. In 2 years time you will have forgotten these events and this will show you what you have done and how far you have come.
Take good advice, reject bad advice but remember that those who give it do so with the very best intentions.
Remember you are on your own and you can no longer blame your failures and mistakes on others. Work on yourself and accept that you wont get it right first time.
Work on gut reactions. If you have a feeling it is possibly right. The mind picks up signals that you often miss.
Take one step at a time. Somedays it might seem to be backwards but it isn't. Its part of the roller coaster. Eventually all roller coasters stop and you get off.
Never ask WHY. You will probably never find out anyway.
If you think you are going mad you aren't. You are just processing the facts to make sense even if you dont like the answers.
Anger is a wasted emoyion and you have better things to achieve.
Karma does work but often not in the way you expected.
If you respect yourself others will respect you.
Forget the limitations of your old life and create a better one.
Be flexible , old habits die hard and you will have to adapt new attitudes, interests and maybe values.
Ask yourself what you really want and go for it.
There are no problems. You just have to find the solution.

Hopefully others will add more to this but remember that at the end of a tunnel there is always light...so make for the light.
take care Polar

  • nagios
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29 May 10 #206432 by nagios
Reply from nagios
As much as you don't want one. That post really was worth a Thank you. :)

  • MontyPython
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29 May 10 #206475 by MontyPython
Reply from MontyPython
polar polar polar, everyone here must read your post, essential reading....else I'm mad!! Supercali xx :woohoo:

  • rubytuesday
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  • Moderator
29 May 10 #206478 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday

This is such a fab post, Ive "stickied" it :)

  • polar
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  • Platinum Member
30 May 10 #206523 by polar
Reply from polar
I have added a few extra thoughts to my original post

  • Flutterbye
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  • Junior Member
03 Jun 10 #207165 by Flutterbye
Reply from Flutterbye
Found it - read it - great advice :)

Thanks Polar x

  • ambrosia
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  • Elite Member
03 Jun 10 #207193 by ambrosia
Reply from ambrosia

I have copied and pasted it to some of my friends!


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