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Revenge is smelly!

  • gone1
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  • Platinum Member
28 Aug 07 #2531 by gone1
Reply from gone1
Ha ha Jay. I bet you get some shit for that comment. Its true though. THats why some of the women you see around are loaded. I wanted the circular bed. I couldnt work out where to put the head board though. Ha ha. Chris.

  • Guru
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  • Junior Member
25 Oct 07 #5265 by Guru
Reply from Guru
Louise11 wrote:

is showing just how much you dont need that person anymore!

Your life is sweet and sweeter than at any time you were with that person. O my! how you have changed. O my what you no longer smoke? O my, You dont drink anymore? Jesus he has his nipple pierced! My god how much weight have you lost? Arent you looking so much better these days. Never seen you looking so well!
I know I dont know what has come over me. Its like a breath of freshair!

Come on all you out there feeling sorry for yourselves.

Get up and show the world, why you should be in it and what you have to offer. You are you and you are here for a reason, only you have to find the reason, its no good asking another. Be happy in yourself and dont wait or pine for what if or what should of been. If you have been hurt, so what? Get over it! THEY WERE NOT WORTHY OF YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE! YOU DESERVE BETTER! have fun finding it!

Grab every chance you can and if you find yourself building a wall around yourself to not allow another in then, why? isnt it better to have a little of something than have nothing at all? Money? possessions? You cant take any of it with you.

I think maybe we all ought to have a party, maybe we should all meet at a hotel for weekend, call ourselves the WIKIVORCERS, or something, have a dinner and dance, meet build friendships, chat amongst ourselves, get some confidence in ourselves. How many would turn up though? LOL NA! we would all sit there thinking oooooooo I daren't, ooooooooooo too scarey, oooooo you shouldnt do things like that! And then another week of our lives go by, another month goes by, another years goes by, and then well the inevitable happens.
So for all of us who say darent, cant or wont? LIfe is too short, if we make pratts of ourselves along the way, so what who cares?

Sorry off i've gone again! LOL

Louise, (forgot the quote)I have been reading some of your entries and would like to say thankyou. This one is fantastic and very uplifting just what I need at the moment. Guru.

  • Shelia
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  • Elite Member
25 Oct 07 #5289 by Shelia
Reply from Shelia
Living well is the best revenge


  • Camberwick green
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  • Elite Member
25 Oct 07 #5293 by Camberwick green
Reply from Camberwick green
x2b thinks i've lost everything, which i essence I have, no home etc, living with parents due to giving up home to be with him in the forces, but in fact I have gained my life back a will get a whole lot more in the process but thats not going to stop me sending him a thankyou card after the divorce ;)

  • Shelia
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  • Elite Member
25 Oct 07 #5295 by Shelia
Reply from Shelia
what a lovely and wicked idea.:laugh:

  • Louise11
  • Louise11's Avatar Posted by
  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
26 Oct 07 #5307 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11

Many thanks for your kind comments, really glad the post gave you a boost! xx

Shelia & Jen.

Throughout the 3 years our case went on, i used to lay in bed at night, (could never actually sleep) but oh how i plotted all different kinds of revenge, I cant tell you how it consumed my mind, unbelivable thoughts, in fact so terrible were the things I were going to do to my partners ex, they really are unprintable. However the day of the FH changed all that, I actually feel sorry for her, (in my own little way!) I dont want any kind of revenge anymore and boy i cant begin to tell you the things this woman did to my kids and I, but hey thats another story.
I do grin to myself at times though, with the thought of sending her a 50th birthday card next year, with the words " awww only another TEN years to go chuck! (referring to her 30% share of my husbands pension!)
Whether i actually do that, well we shall have to see, i suspect though that by next year she will have paled into total insignificance. Heres hoping! LOL

Kind thoughts everyone lol
Louise xx

  • duncan McEnzie
  • duncan McEnzie's Avatar
  • Premium Member
  • Premium Member
26 Oct 07 #5327 by duncan McEnzie
Reply from duncan McEnzie
Its not some men and its not some women. Its some people.Never lose sight of that and dont let our experiences make us bitter. Revenge is smelly so dont do it, just keep your heads up. They can steal almost everything you own but they cant even get close to your decency. That cant be stolen from you but it can be thrown away. KEEP IT.

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