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Internet Dating?

  • calmdown
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  • Junior Member
06 Mar 11 #255615 by calmdown
Topic started by calmdown
Have been on my own for a while now. Would be nice to start "meeting people" again.

Friends suggest internet dating, but I'm not sure. Anyone have any ideas/info/experience about specific sites etc?

  • maisymoos
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  • Platinum Member
06 Mar 11 #255619 by maisymoos
Reply from maisymoos
I don't have any direct experience of internet dating, but a friend of mine does and feels very let down by the people she has met on there. It is difficult to know the genuine people on there, it may come to light that some are still married and looking for a bit of fun.

I really would go into this with great caution

  • Marshy_
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  • Platinum Member
06 Mar 11 #255621 by Marshy_
Reply from Marshy_
I dont bother with internet dating anymore. I found it was full of marrieds and psycho's lol. Ok I met a few nice people. But I leave that stuff to chance now.

But I wouldnt pay for internet dating. Many people think that cos you pay for it that you will meet people who are perhaps more honest and not married. Thats not true in my exp. In fact you see a lot of the same people on all the pay sites as well as the free ones.

What I would do if you want to give it a go is freedating and plenty of fish. I would forget all these sites that do profile matching and star sign matching and all that nonesense. Just go for people that like the same things as you. You like the look of and be very careful as they could very well be married or seeing someone else. Never run where angels fear to tread.

Married people have certain ummm traits. They start getting dirty straight away and say things like dont text me at such and such a time. Or there phone is always off cos its a PAYG mobile and they wont have it on when the hubby is around etc.

But single people on the other hand will be just as cautious as you. It takes ages to even get to meet them and they never ever come alone and they dont want sex with you that same evening. They want to get to know you first. Thats always a good sign. But as I said, I dont bother anymore cos I think I have "I love psycho" written in lemon juice on my forhead. C.

  • Helli
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  • Elite Member
  • Elite Member
06 Mar 11 #255626 by Helli
Reply from Helli
I have met alot of nice guys of these dating sites!

However, I urge great caution!

  • LouCheshire
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06 Mar 11 #255662 by LouCheshire
Reply from LouCheshire
NIGHTMARE - STEER CLEAR!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
I have had awful experiences of internet dating before I met my darling bf (in a bar, the "normal" way.
I'd say probably 3/4 of the men I met had either put false pictures up or pictures from 20 years ago.
One guy had loads of pics of his head and shoulders, nice looking, nice to chat to, local, didnt tell me he weighed about 30 stone though! I almost died when I saw him waddling towards me in the pub carpark!
Another went on and on about his ex.
Another told me "I'm currently dating about 6 girls off that site and you're definately in the top 3"...so I said "well Im taking myself out of the game then, I find what you've just said utterly disgusting"..and promptly walked out of the bar.
Another said he was a solicitor but showed up in a battered fiesta with buck teeth (he could've eaten an apple through a letterbox - mouth closed in all his pics)...he wasnt a lawyer btw..when I questioned his car he admitted he had told a lie about his job as his real job was boring.
Nah...stick with the real world!
Lou xx

  • gemfreak07
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  • Platinum Member
06 Mar 11 #255664 by gemfreak07
Reply from gemfreak07
Calmdown, I will put my hand up and admit to going down this path, there are some weirdos, marrieds and Norman Bates wannabes. Just exercise caution and always go with your gut. I have actually been dating a guy I met on PlentyofFish for the last 3 months, we meet up weekly to watch live music, have a drink and a chat, he's a really genuine guy and we get on really well, its not 'quite' a relationship, but we're both happy to go with the flow.
One thing I will say is - be open minded. Yes there are weirdos, but theres also a lot of genuinely lonely people out there, I would say give it a go because after all nothing ventured is nothing gained - but always always look out for your own safety first. :kiss:

You do make me giggle, I too have an inbuilt 'pyscho magnet'. They always sit next to me on the bus or a train, guess I've just got that type of face! :S

Gem xx

  • ldg
  • ldg's Avatar
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  • Platinum Member
06 Mar 11 #255679 by ldg
Reply from ldg
Having moved away from family and friends a litle while ago I thought I would like to get to know some women of a similar age.

I found a 'friendship' site and ticked the women meeting women box. I am sure you have already guessed that it wasn't quite what I had expected..... and I am not a lesbian for the record!

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